Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm happy to report that skiing was a success- at least as much of a success as I could have hoped for. First off, both of us had fun. Second, I felt a lot more in control of what I was doing than last time. By the time we left on Sunday I could kind of turn and kind of stop. I only fell down a couple times, and I didn't run into anyone (hard).

Perfect form! (Note that one of the ski patrol workers thought it might be better for me to not use the poles- for my own safety.)

I so look like I know what I'm doing. (This picture was taken 2 minutes before a member of the ski patrol had to come over and show me how to take my skis off.)

Things that still need to be worked on are 1. Doing that side to side thing so you're not aimed straight down the hill the whole time and 2. Stopping quickly without spinning around/falling down. Accomplishing these things will mean I can get on the chair lift and not have to use the cable tow. Because, yes, I did the cable tow for the entire 3+ hours we were there. My arms are so. sore.

Otherwise Saturday afternoon and yesterday were filled with all the normal stuff- cooking, cleaning, etc. I'm gearing up to get on the treadmill for 6ish miles. Have a great Monday, all.