Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thanks for the new weather, can I have some new sinuses, too?

Well, the weather for my long run is much nicer this week than last week.  It's not 19 degrees and windy, and  there's no snow or ice on the ground for which I am very thankful.  Unfortunately I'm really stuffed up.  I don't actually feel sick, but I'm super congested.  I don't even think it's allergies.  D is about 2 days ahead of me in the "feel bad get better" cycle, so I'm just hanging in there, waiting for it to go away.  I'm also trying to moderate my expectations for this run.  I don't need to freak out about my time.  I just need to accumulate time on my feet.  Or rather miles.  I'm planning to run 11 of them in however long it takes me.

Otherwise not much else is going on.  We had dinner out last night at Bonfyre, which was great as usual.  I had a cup of the butternut squash soup (the best thing on their menu, IMHO) and the Bonfyre rotisserie chicken salad. This place just opened up in a building below a cardiology clinic off the beltline near the car dealerships and still it has been packed every time I've gone.  I guess it's perfect for Madison because it's swanky inside but you can still order pot roast.

Today is chore day for me and tax day for someone else I know :).  I also want to make another loaf of bread and maybe some gnocchi (recipe in this month's Cooking Light)???  Last week when I made a loaf of bread I realized I had no idea what kneading meant.  So I kinda mashed on it for a few minutes, and- as you would expect- it didn't really rise.  Two YouTube videos and some reading from my King Arthur Flour book later, and I think I'm getting the idea, and I want to practice a bit.

Well, I and my nose are off to run.  Hope you all have a great Saturday!