Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love outside again

I do. I do. I do.

My run yesterday was wonderful for several reasons.

1. I confirmed I'm not crazy and I'm not as slow as my treadmill wants me to think I am (no an 8:30 mile is not a sprint for me).

2. I confirmed that I can still run up hills (which is important because next week's race involves 2x a monster hill).

3. I confirmed that 20-something degrees is not in fact cold (unless you are by the lake or the wind is blowing).

4. I confirmed that people in Wisconsin are nuts when I saw a man ice fishing on a gigantic frozen lake in shorts.

5. I confirmed that I am ready to get the heck off the treadmill (but slowly so I don't injure myself like I probably did last year).

So yes, outside = good. So good that I went to the outdoor mall and walked around and had a 45-minute conversation with my parents sitting in the sunshine. So nice.

I feel like I've shed a layer of winter blegh. I went into the new Title 9 store that opened near us (Take that places that have and Ikea. Now we have something YOU don't.) I thought their clothes were cute, but I'm not sure that Stacy and Clinton would have approved. Then, after having read so much about it on the Shu Box, I went into our Anthropologie for the first time. Lots of cute stuff... Some frankly weird stuff... I tried on a bunch of adorable dresses. Unfortunately (probably fortunately) nothing I tried on fit my budget or my temperature comfort zone so I left alone.

Well, not completely alone. I left with the new knowledge that- after looking in a full length mirror for awhile- I need to start strength training again. It's funny that I didn't notice before, but when you are constantly dressed in pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a sweater for 5 months, you don't really know what your body looks like under all that. But, le sigh, now I know. So I'm taking action.

Armed with great resources like Jess Lifts and MarathonMaiden's BAMF strength training regimen plus a library of running books and magazines

I'm going to put together a plan that I can do for about 30-40 minutes 2-3 days a week. We have some adjustable dumbbells and a fitness ball thing so I think I'm going to design it so I can do everything at home. It's just easier on my schedule that way. I'll plan to do a post tomorrow about what I come up with.

Well, I've gotta run so I can throw on some make up and we can leave for church.

Catch ya' later!