Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking forward

I'm feeling kind of blah again today. I think I need a vacation infusion. But instead of going on and on about that, I'm going to share 3 things I'm excited about.

1. Meeting a new running/blogging friend! Running Diva Mom and I just figured out that we are practically work next door neighbors, and we are meeting up for lunch today at the swanky Cafe HCLC. Actually (hopefully) it *should* be warm and nice, and we'll be enjoying lunch outside. But with Wisconsin weather in March, you never know. I have another real life friend in Madison who I met through the intertubes, so I'm excited to make another.

2. Starting the garden. We got our garden plot assignments at the seed fair last Saturday, and we're planning- weather permitting- to turn part of it over next week to put in the cold weather plants (onions, spinach, etc.).

Ah yes, there's our little slice of earth, #A4. This year we know waaaaaay more about the whole gardening process, so I'm excited to get started again. Plus we have my parents' copy of Crockett's Victory Garden, which does go 70's big on the fertilizer, but is the easiest to use, most comprehensive gardening book I've ever found. Unfortunately it's out of print, so check your parents bookshelves.

3. Staycation/Factory Tour of Southeastern Wisconsin. This time next week I should still be asleep! I'm taking Wednesday and Thursday off for D's spring break (plus Friday off- unpaid-thanks, State of Wisconsin).

The first stop is the Jelly Belly factory in Pleasant Prairie.

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Then a trip up the East Coast to Sheboygan.

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Which I'm sure doesn't strike you as a prime vacation destination, but they do have- what we have heard is- the mother of all factory tours, KOHLER. (Yes, they make sinks. Yes, I'm still excited.) There are a lot of cheezy factory tours out there (pretty much every major name brewery tour comes to mind), but this one sounds like the real deal. Would I like to go on a tour that lasts 3 hours, and requires you to be at least 14 years old and wear closed toed shoes? Yes please.

Evidently, Kohler is also a major supporter of the arts so- although you might not expect it- there's a lot of art stuff in Sheboygan, which we also plan to check out.

And then a scenic drive back home.

Well, I'm out! What exciting things do you have coming up?

Edited to say: I can add a 4th thing! I got an I love Your Blog award from Alee of Love Is...

Not trying to be a narcissist here, people, I just can't figure out how to make the image any smaller! Thanks so much to Alee. I'm pretty sure I've visited your blog before, but you are now officially added to my Google Reader.