Monday, March 29, 2010

Irresponsibility, what's your policy?

Over lunch yesterday D, and I were discussing our plans for the afternoon.  He was totally unenthusiastic about going in to work, and I was totally unenthusiastic about all my options at home.  Since none of that stuff was absolutely necessary, we decided to throw our lovely to-do lists out the window, and do something totally unproductive that we both enjoy: visit open houses.  House buying is a long way off for us, but we like to see what's out there.  And houses in the Midwest are pretty different than other places we've lived because many of them have these gigantic maze-like basements that are half finished.  A huge "random junk room" seems to be a standard feature of houses in Madison.  Neither one of us was crazy about anything we saw, but it was nice to do something different.  I don't always the get the opportunity to take one, but when I find myself resenting things that I normally enjoy (yoga, piano) I know it's time for a break form routine.

On the "taking care of yourself" theme, I made a simple but delicious comfort food dinner for myself before youth group.  Salad, grilled cheese, and butternut soup to dip it in.  Mmmmm.

Yesterday's 5 mile easy run was cold and sloooowwww, especially to start out.  At 2.5 miles I was ready to ask for a ride home, but at 3 miles I started to perk up and finished the run with a 9:40-something overall pace.  Not bad for a recovery/easy run.

Today I'm back in the gym but unfortunately not the normal gym because the university is on spring break, and it doesn't open until 11am.  The other gym- the Shell- is kind of ghetto.  It's just a bunch of equipment scattered around an indoor track.  No music.  It smells weird.  The roof leaks.  Nothing to watch if you are on the cardio machine except people running around the 200m track (if you are lucky enough for there to be people running around the track).   But hopefully lifting weights won't be too dull.  At least it's still open in the morning.

Last but certainly not least we're at t-2 days until vacation.  I have lots of work meetings in the next two days, but hopefully I'll be able to finish one of my projects before we split.  Wish me luck getting everything done and not spending the next two days wishing I was already in vacation land!