Saturday, March 13, 2010


Whew. Yesterday was quite the workday. Because we run a longitudinal study, we are often interested in change over time. Mostly we are interested in incidence of a disease/condition, which, mathematically and from a data set-up point of view, is not that hard to do/understand. But disappearance of a condition is. Especially when you're trying to keep track of what's going on in two eyes. I worked from about 7:45 to noon trying to set up the data for one outcome. At that point I took a break because I knew what happened in the next hour or so was going to set the tone for the weekend. Either I was going to figure it out, and the rest would follow, or I wasn't going to figure it out and therefore have to stress about it and/or work on it all weekend. Fortunately I hit the jackpot at about 12:30, celebrated by eating lunch, and finished setting up my other outcomes.

I do well working for 1-2 hour chunks with a short break in the middle, so it's very taxing on my brain to push for hours straight. BUT, I feel super accomplished and able to put everything aside for the weekend knowing I'm ready to go on the rest of the project Monday. And I had something tangible to send to my boss before I left yesterday.

Last night we had dinner at Essen Haus, a German restaurant known for serving beer in a giant glass boot.

We didn't partake in that, but any place that brings you soft pretzels with mustard dipping sauce as the "bread basket" gets major points from me. It was definitely a lot of meat + lots of carbs meal, but that's what got our ancestors through the winter. I think it would be a good place to take family members when they visit. I doubt there are many places to get a good schnitzel in Orlando or TN.

We also watched The Prestige, which was a good movie, but the end kind of creeped me out. I partially blame it for the dream I had that my supervisor's daughter disappeared, and we were searching for her in a huge cargo net jungle gym with live monkeys that were pulling our hair and stealing our stuff. Def. not what the movie was about, though.

Today's plan is to get in a short run with some strides during the laundry rotation this morning. I went down to put my first load in at 6:20am, and someone already had one going! That's some dedication. It's cool and drizzly out, which always reminds me of Christmas time growing up in Florida. Fortunately the rain isn't expected to last through tomorrow.

Otherwise it should be a pretty chill day. I want to do some yoga to continue to stretch out and maybe drop by the thrift store. We have a huge St. Vinny's in town that's actually supposed to have some pretty cool stuff.

Hope you all have a productive and relaxing Saturday.