Thursday, March 4, 2010

I guess I'm a good liar

Because no one guessed the correct answer yesterday. Let's go through the answers.

1. I let a katydid loose in study hall in high school. Yep. You couldn't actually get anything done in study hall because the "teacher" spent the whole class period gabbing with students and watching The Crocodile Hunter at full volume. At one point he mentioned hating katydids. I enjoy catching cool bugs. The rest is history.

2. I'm afraid of shower curtains. Yep, but I was purposely tricky with the wording on this one. I'm afraid of walking into a bathroom with a closed shower curtain because in my imagination, there is always something/someone scary lurking behind it.

Do not want. (As a side note, don't you love our very institutional looking bathroom with the kitchen cabinet stuck to the wall (our ONLY storage space in the bathroom as evidenced by my retainer case sitting on top of the toilet.))

3. I sent my brother to the emergency room playing a game of "baseketball" when the basketball I pitched to him bounced of his bat and slammed into his eye. Yep. Biggest black eye I've ever seen. My dad was afraid he'd broken his cheek bone.

4. The best hot shower I ever took was after a three day hike to Machu Picchu. This one is actually the lie. I have never (in two trips) taken a hot shower outside the US.

5. Every time I walk down to our laundry room, I imagine the storage area is actually a creepy mental institution filled with deranged patients who want to escape and grab me. YES. It is so. creepy. down. there. I'm not sure a picture can convey how scary it is, but I'll try.

Yep. Other than being blurry, that's true to life.

6. When I was little, I thought the Christmas song Gloria in Excelsis Deo was about me. Also true. I thought "in excelsis deo" sounded like "It is Chelsea's day-oh", and because I was an only child at two or three, Christmas was all about me.

So there you have it. I'm off for another treadmill jaunt. How is it fair that it's supposed to get up into the high 30s in the afternoon (not that I'm complaining about that- I'm going to put on my bathing suit and sunbathe), but it's still in the teens in the morning? Booo. I told my friend yesterday that because I signed up for a race on the 14th, I guess I have to get outside to run one of these days. I haven't run outside since my trip to Orlando, which was Jan 8-12. Ooops. Oh well. I've gotten in some good training runs, and I'm not injured from falling on ice or otherwise, so I guess it's all good.

Hope you have a great Thursday. I want to see some more truth/lie posts. These are fun!