Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feeling the love

First, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your supportive comments about exchanging some running for cross training and for the congratulations on my race time. I feel like I look up to many of you as my older/wiser running brothers and sisters (even though some of you are younger than me), so your kind words made my day.

Awwwwwww. Wasn't that sweet.

I'm back out on the roads today for a chilly, dark 6mi. I love daylight savings time at 7pm, but not so much at 6am- at least not this time of year.

Work was pretty chill yesterday. I even got to go to the public health lunch seminar, which was on the increased prevalence of autism over the last 30 years, focusing on the last 10 years in California. And NO, it has nothing to do with vaccines (although the resurgence of whooping cough in California has something to do with people NOT having their kids vaccinated). *Steps off soapbox*

We have what will potentially be a long meeting this morning about preparing for the oversight committee, which may make the ratio of stressed to non-stressed days this week 4:1. But hopefully not.

Last night's dinner was brought to you by Trader Joe's- chicken and broccoli stir fried in Thai green curry sauce. Very flavorful with just a little heat. Sauces are one thing (of many) I am not good at, so it's nice that TJ's has a wide selection.

Well, I better run- literally and figuratively. Let's see how noisy I am trying to be quiet about getting my tights out of the dresser while D sleeps. Have a great Tuesday, all.