About Me

Hi, I'm Chelsea.  Welcome to my blog, EarlyRunner.

I arrived on the scene not tooo long ago (1982- I'll be 30 next year, eeek) in a land far away (Tallahassee, FL).
Sorry, Dad, but in 17 more years I'll be a Gator fan.
 We moved soon after I was born, and I grew up in Orlando, FL.  I've always been a warm weather gal.
Love that Vitamin D.
In addition to a wonderful mom and dad, I have a younger brother.
Wave "Hi" to the late 1980s.
I was an active kid and played softball and did ballet and Girl Scouts.

So poofy.
In middle school I started playing the oboe and continued through my senior year of college.

I'm right in the middle.
I also did a stint in the marching band.

Wool uniforms.  In the summer.  In Florida.  Why??????
After high school, I moved up to Gainesville to attend college at the University of Florida.

Ah, the Zook years.  Still haven't completely repressed those yet.
Along the way, I met Daniel and we got married after I finished grad school in 2006.
Quick, somebody get me a bottle of spray tanner.
We moved out to Albuquerque where Daniel had a job and enjoyed living in the great Southwest for 2.5 years.

White Sands National Monument.  Yes, it is that bright.
But Daniel decided he wasn't quite finished with school, and in 2008 we moved to Madison, WI so he could earn his PhD in computer science.

I should have seen it coming.
Madison is a fun city in the summer

In the winter, not so much.

I work as a statistician at UW, studying eye disease related to aging and type-1 diabetes.

What a statistician tries to sneak on a plane.
 In my spare time, I enjoy running (of course), weight training and yoga, learning to play the piano, and am active in my church.

Post 2010 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.
Thanks for stopping by!