Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Big Costume Reveal

Halloween (at least the party part of Halloween) has come and gone.  Even the people who were out laaaate last night were slinking home by the time we drove home from church at noon.  So what was my Halloween costume?

Was I a sexy Chilean miner?

Nope- that's not a costume- that's what I wore for my long run (minus the snow shovel).

We were hipsters!
Much too cool for Halloween and/or birthday parties.  Or the Gator game yesterday... yeesh.

I'm excited to check out everyone's costume and the results from the Haunted Hustle yesterday.  Have a good Sunday, all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wooooooooo! Happy Pre-Halloween

First off, I'm happy that the wind has finally died down around here!  I didn't get blown into Lake Mendota (for the record - see right for my only experience in/on Lake Mendota [yes, in Madison]).

I got in easy runs Tuesday - Thursday mornings and hit the gym today.  It's finally started to turn cold; this was the first morning I had to deal with ice on the car so I could drive 

Going to the gym ended up being a great decision (I almost went yesterday afternoon and ran this morning) because the ROTC was there playing basketball dressed in costume.  If only they'd been there on Monday... my treadmill run would have been a lot more interesting if I'd been able to watch The Burger King dunk on Captain Jack Sparrow and the ketchup bottle get subbed out by a female Aaron Rodgers after he fouled the cowboy.

Way creepy.  Is is beard shiny or is he drooling?

On another sanguine topic, I gave blood on Wednesday for the first time in awhile.  I've been hesitant to do it because I was afraid it would interfere with my ability to train, but actually I had no problems.  I know a lot of people can't donate for various reasons, but since I don't have more than a healthy fear of being stabbed with a needle or bleeding out, I think it's good for me to give blood regularly.  In fact, the worst part of the whole process for me is getting my finger pricked to do the iron test (which was 14.8- Woohoo! go leafy greens!).  

I laughed when the blood donation lady told me my blood pressure and pulse (102/68 and 60, respectively) because they were so high compared to normal- all because I was anticipating a little finger prick that didn't even hurt.

However, the most exciting thing that happened today is that I wore my Halloween costume to work.  So far it's been a hit.  I took a couple of pictures, but I'm not giving it away until after we go to our Halloween costume party on Saturday night.  Plus Daniel's costume goes along with mine, and I think it will be better to have the full on Chelsea and Daniel Halloween Costume Experience all at once.

Anything fun planned for your Halloween?  Woooooooooo!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blown away

It is super crazy windy and rainy here.  Yesterday morning I woke up to torrential rain and thunder.  I hoped that it would end by the time I started my run, but alas, it was not to be.  I went back and forth about treadmilling it vs toughing it out outside (I mean, if I say I want to train through the winter, I can't be afraid of a little wind and rain, right?).

After checking the weather channel and seeing that we were under both a tornado and high wind warning I decided that running indoors was on the smart side of things rather than the wimpy side.

It would have been super convenient to run on *our* treadmill because that's what it's for, but after having two downstairs neighbors who had no problem with it, our latest neighbors finally complained.  At 3pm on a Saturday.  So needless to say I was concerned about using it at 5:30am on a Tuesday.  I think part of the problem is that there are a lot of people who live in that apartment (not sure how many but at least 3) and at least some of them sleep in the living room, which is right under our living room and the treadmill.  I'm sure I'll chance it sometime later this year, but truthfully we had horrible upstairs neighbors in Albuquerque, and I don't want to be them.

So off I went to the gym.  No AC.  No TV.  Just me and the MP3 player that got fixated on bluegrass, Bela Fleck, and Weird Al.  Not the most fun run ever, but I made it through 6.5 miles in about an hour. 

On the way home I heard on the radio that the weather we were having was the same weather that caused the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (yes, this was a real thing).  At that point I felt 100% justified in running on the 'mill as I did not want to be sunk in Lake Mendota.

It's windy again today but not so bad so I'm planning to hit the roads.  I'm giving blood today (if my finger is metallic enough, sometimes that's a problem) and I'm not sure if I'll run tomorrow or not. 

Well, that's what passes for excitement around here.  Have a good Wednesday, all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall 15k Race Report

I guess I'll start my race report with my run yesterday.  I slept in until 6am, and then went out for an easy 5mi in drizzling rain.  Since this wasn't an A race, I didn't try to taper, but on the other hand, I didn't want to leave myself feeling sluggish this morning.  Otherwise Saturday was about chores, although I did go to a free yin yoga class at the local studio which was having an open house.  

Yin is my favorite kind of yoga because it doesn't require you to have any skill or flexibility whatsoever.  You just flop into poses for a long time and hang out until something starts to stretch.  Some people find it boring, but I think it's awesome.  Yoga is number one on my backup list of other things to be obsessed with if I ever have to quit running.

This is a picture of either 1) Someone doing yin yoga or 2) The beginning of this week's CSI Miami where the prima ballerina is found murdered backstage before the opening night of Swan Lake.

This morning I got up and it was gross and wet again.  I drove out to the east part of town to Warner Park for the race.  It was a decidedly low-key affair.  No timing chips.  Most people hadn't pre-registered.  I hung out with Kerri and some of her fellow TNT-ers until we were sent out into the rain to wait for the race to start.  No one knew where to line up or which direction to face, but someone came over and got us generally in order.  

The race started a little late because of all the same-day registrations, but it didn't matter too much.  Again there was no timing chip or mat, and some people seeded themselves... inappropriately, but the first part of the course was open enough to pass people.  There were tons of puddles and my shoes got totally soaked in the first few minutes.  After a short run through a parking lot we ran onto a sidewalk along a street.  This was kind of pain because it was hard to pass people and because you had to do a lot of puddle jumping because so much water was pooling at the end of the sidewalks.  Still my first mile times were a respectable 8:06 and 8:00.

The third mile went back into a neighborhood.  I admit to not paying attention to the scenery.  I was more concerned about fording the mini-rivers and not tripping, etc.  It started raining pretty hard at about this point.  The course had a few small hills here.  I finished mile 3 in 8:03.  We passed the relay trade-off and I saw Kerri and the TNTers again.

Miles 4-6 were hillier.  This was the "hardest" part of the course although I'd say the course was just hilly enough to make things interesting.  There were some decently tough uphills but then they were balanced out by long downhills where you could recover.  My next three mile times were 8:25, 8:10 and 8:20.

At mile 6.2 we passed the relay trade off again.  I was still feeling really good, like I was in rhythm and was saving up energy to speed up in the last mile.  Mile times for the last 3.3 were 8:07, 8:43 (I don't remember this being hilly, but I guess it was) and 7:55 + 1:50 for the .3.  I was able to speed up during the last mile, and I actually got raced by another woman in the chute.  I pulled ahead of her in the last stretch but she sort of snuck in in front of me at the end.  Which was kind of annoying that she beat me by 1 second, but on the other hand, her being there made me push myself through the end in a way I wouldn't have otherwise.  I yacked a little bit at the end, and I dedicated it to MM

My overall time was 1:15:42, for an 8:08 average pace.  Pretty good for me for a "non-goal" race.  Other than being really wet and really cold, I didn't feel too beat up immediately after the race.  I got kind of nauseous again after lunch, though, and dosed up on my favorite no-fail anti-nausea treatment.

Oh yeah.  Not sure what I'll do exercise-wise tomorrow.  I don't feel too tired right now, but I might have better workouts the rest of the week if I take tomorrow off from at least running.  I'm looking forward to seeing the age group results when those finally come out.  Next up, the Girls on the Run 5k in November.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

In the Gloaming

5 points for anyone who remembers that song from middle school band.  I don't actually have any idea what "gloaming" means, but I imagine it's something like this

And that's what my runs have been like lately.  Truthfully most of the routes I run are pretty well lit, but there are a few parts as I've said before that are DARK.  Even that was okay until my headlamp burned out yesterday.  I'd like to think the third mile of my tempo run would have been faster if I could have seen anything below my waist.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a new battery or bulb or whatever I need this weekend, but it will be nice when daylight savings time is over and I can get a little sun before I'm through.

In addition to fixing my headlamp, I have decided to get one of these guys:

(This is what Fashion Friday amounts to on my blog.)   After almost getting hit by the bike and really really really not wanting to get hit by a car, I think it's a good idea to add some neon green light to my life.  Hot stuff.

Speaking of fashion, it's been pretty chilly in the mornings, and it seems like I have to escalate what I'm wearing every day so I don't turn into a Popsicle on  my bike ride to work.  First it was just a light jacket, then a jacket and light mittens, then a heavier jacket and light mittens, then a heavier jacket, heavier mittens and an ear warmer.  Today has been the coldest day thus far (it's 29 right now) and I had to add a scarf to the previous ensemble.  Ever had really cold wind blow down your shirt while riding your bike?  Not fun.  And to think in a few months 29 is going to feel tropical...

But the sun is shining.  It's supposed to get up into the 60s this afternoon (and then I have to cram all my warm stuff in my backpack, ugh).  And it's Friday (woot)!  Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If you can't blind them with your brilliance...

be like Calvin here:
(Credit: Bill Watterson, of course)

I spent the better part of the work day yesterday trying to turn the statement, "I'd like to go to Conference X because I've been working on some cool stuff this year, and I wouldn't mind presenting it 5 minutes away from the beach" into a four section grant proposal about why the university should fork over some $$$ to help us pay for it.  Fortunately the BS machine wasn't totally out of gas, and I managed to crank out some answers that I can revise today.

It was absolutely beautiful out yesterday afternoon but kind of chilly this morning.  Not for running- I was fine in a long sleeved shirt, shorts, and mittens, but I was pretty cold riding my bike in to work in the morning.  I definitely could have used some heavier mittens and something to go over my ears.  One of downsides of not getting on the computer before work is that I didn't know it was only 39.

Running has been really good.  Yesterday I did an easy 8, and the day before I did 7.5 with 2x(3x800) and all the interval paces (even the first, which is always slow) were sub-8 min/mile.  I'll be curious to see how I do at the 15k this weekend because I feel like I'm in pretty good shape.  However, I know nothing about the course so I'm not going to put any time goals out there.

And with that, I'm out the door! 


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meeting the neighbors

I guess it's the "I-world" we live in, but we don't know our neighbors that well.  We recognize them enough to say "hi", but we don't really hang out.  That said, because this time of year most of us have our windows open and because we share laundry facilities, we are definitely aware of our neighbors.

This afternoon I was searing some chicken that will go in the crock pot for chicken and dumplings (don't you hate crock pot recipes that you have to cook before they cook all afternoon in the crock pot?).  There was some smoke coming off the pan, and it set off the smoke alarms.  We set of the smoke alarm... oh... twice a week cooking dinner so I know that with this type, once they go off, they go off for a predetermined time and you can't fan them or press a reset button to get them to stop.  I had the windows open, but I kept the door closed because I didn't want to irritate our neighbors too much.

Now before you think I'm a truly awful cook,   a big part of the reason the smoke alarm goes off all the time has to do with a design flaw in our kitchen.

The stove (lower right), which makes the smoke is not situated beneath the vent (upper left), which is supposed to make the smoke go away.  Assuming that the vent actually works (it makes a noise, but I've never attempted to find out if it actually takes in air), a lot of smoke fills the room before it gets to the vent.

So I was merrily cooking along, listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, ignoring the smoke alarm when I hear a knock on the door.  I opened it to see my neighbor, asking if everything is alright.  I turn back to the room and see it is filled with smoke.   A lot of smoke.  I explain the situation.  He tries to reset the smoke alarms (which as I've said before doesn't work).  I open a few more windows and leave the door open until the alarms finally go off.

While I do appreciate that my neighbors care enough not to let us die a fiery death, I was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.  The neighbor sounded very suspicious of the idea that I should be cooking anything.  (On the other hand, maybe he should be embarrassed that I know he was playing Magic, The Gathering for hours yesterday afternoon.  Open windows; noise carries).

On an only slightly related note, sometimes bad things can actually be beneficial.  Yesterday afternoon a package of chicken (or something) leaked on me and some of my groceries while I was checking out at the grocery store.  Because I was Zen about it (and believe me, I need all the positive reinforcement I can get in this area), the checkout guy gave me a free bouquet of flowers!

Despite all the commotion, I still think dinner is going to taste good.  I'll have a long afternoon waiting for it considering whole apartment smells like chicken nuggets!

Have a good Sunday, all.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's fall again

Actually we are at the part of fall where there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees, but this picture is pretty and it gives you the general idea.  It's a beautiful day here-sunny and cool- but the trees know what's coming.

I haven't been super motivated to blog recently.  Partly that's because life has felt kind of boring- I guess I'm in that post marathon slump everyone talks about- and part is because I've been trying to stay off the computer.  I sit in front of a computer at work, and my weekend/early morning/evening feels more like work and less like relaxing if I spend a bunch of time in front of a computer screen.  I can actually get to work about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes earlier (and leave earlier, woot!) if I stay away from the computer.  I can check e-mail and blogs and stuff at lunch so I honestly haven't missed the time at all.

I am trying to beat the unfocused fitness blahs by starting to return to my normal workout schedule this week.  I did my first long run (12 miles) since the race, and even though my legs felt really crunchy (yoga is the next thing on my list after finishing this blog post), I kept a good overall pace (9:15 average I think, which included the 9:40ish last mile going up the giant hill into our apartment complex).  I started strength training last week, which left me almost as sore than the marathon did.

This guy fits in with the topic above in a sort of creepy, early-Halloween-type way.  I just want to tell him to blink.  Please blink!

Anyway, I've also decided to sign up for a couple more races for the fall.  The first will be next Sunday- the appropriately named Fall 15k.  I've ever run a 15k before so automatic PR there.  I'm also going to sign up to run the Girls on the Run 5k a couple weeks later.  My 5k PR from an actual 5k race is pretty old, and I'm guessing I can beat it easily.  It would be pretty cool to go under or get close to 23 minutes, too.

And that's about it.  I'm going to go stretch out before I get tense again watching the Gators play Mississippi State.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come Back, Sun

It seems like it's gotten so much darker in the morning over the last week!  I miss those summer days when the sun was already rising at 5am.  For the most part, my path is pretty well lit and there are always a lot of people out exercising and commuting to work, but there is one little spot that gets dark.  I have to wear my headlamp to see the ground, and I feel like I'm one of the cast of the Blair Witch Project.


So anyway, yesterday morning I was running along, trying not to trip on anything in the dark spot, and all of a sudden I hear, "Hey! Watch out!".  I looked up and jumped to the side, almost getting into a head-on collision with a guy riding his bike on the wrong side of the bike path with NO LIGHT!
It was partly my fault because I wasn't really looking ahead, but at least I was on the right side of the path and was wearing my headlamp.

While I'm at it, I'd like to send a message to the people of Earth:
Walk and bike on the RIGHT SIDE of the bike path.  Pass on the left.  It's just like cars driving on the road.  I know the rules are different when you are running on an actual road with actual cars, but when you are on the bike path, keep RIGHT.

Anything exciting happen to you while running recently?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week in Review - The Chicago Edition

First off a HUGE congratulations to Kerri for finishing her first marathon today.  I heard it was a hot one!

It seems like a year since I finished my race rather than just a week.  So what have I been up to since then?

M and T - Rest
W - 4 mi
R - 5 mi
F - 6.5 mi
S - Walk to and from the football game (that counts, right?)
U - 8 mi "long"

The weather is absolutely beautiful here.  The leaves are changing color but it's still warm out.  The sunrise coming up over the lake looked kinda like this

This weekend has been fun but not super productive.  Wicked was really cool, but we didn't get home until almost midnight, and I decided to cancel my early morning run Saturday to get a decent amount of sleep.  We walked over to the stadium and watched the Badgers beat Minnesota pretty easily.  It was a good game, but Big 10 football is nowhere near as exciting as SEC football.  The students didn't even show up until the 2nd quarter (which I hear is a tradition), and the band didn't play very much either.  Still, I'm glad we went at least once.  We won't even talk about the Gator game :(.

Today was a little better on the productivity side of things.  We went to church, I did some housework and then I rode my bike down to meet a friend for coffee and see her little girl.  And now it's time to get off the computer, make some dinner, and enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Back at it

After taking Monday and Tuesday off, I did two short easy runs the last two days.  All the aches and "deadness" are starting to go away, and I'm enjoying getting out in the early morning and seeing the sun rise.  I haven't worn my watch yet so I have no idea how fast I'm going.  We'll save that for next week.  Part of me is happy that I feel like I'm recovering quickly, but part of me worries that it means I didn't try hard enough during the race...

Otherwise we have a big weekend planned.  Tonight we're going to see

and tomorrow we're going to our first UW football game to watch the Badgers win Paul Bunyan's axe from Minnesota.

Got any exciting plans for the weekend?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Race Report

First off, I want to thank Kerri, Matt and Amanda, and Daniel for coming out to cheer me on during the race yesterday.  Even though I probably saw each of you (except Daniel of course) for less than a minute, I really really appreciate that you cared enough to come out and support me.   And thank you to Jamie and Jason for letting me hang out with you before the race started and telling the medical people you'd watch me and make sure I didn't wander off after the race.

Second, I want to give a huge congratulations to Jamie (Running Diva Mom) for her outstanding run yesterday.  Before the race she was saying that she wished she was going to run as fast as Jason and I were planning to.  Well, guess who had the fastest time of the three of us??  She did!!!  You can her race report here.  Congrats, Jamie.

On to my race report.  We drove over to Milwaukee in the early afternoon and went to the expo to pick up my race stuff.  The race shirt was pretty cool.  It kind of has a biker feel to it.  I put it in the wash this morning so I can wear it once I'm ready to start running again.

We didn't do too much browsing around at the expo- we mostly just figured out logistics for the next day, and I talked to the 3:50 pacer guy.

After that we went back to the hotel and watched through the 3rd quarter of the Tennessee-LSU game and walked across the street to Benihana for dinner, which was a fun distraction.  The weather was windy and fairly cold when we walked back from dinner, and I started waffling on what I was going to wear the next day.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and watched Florida get smacked around by Alabama for two quarters.  Daniel went down stairs to watch the rest of the game and I tried (somewhat successfully) to get a good night's sleep.

Then it was up at about 5am.  I finally decided to wear my skirt, t-shirt, mittens and maybe a throw away shirt (that I didn't really want to throw away but could live without) and put my warm-up clothes on over that.  I had some coffee and a Clif Bar and then headed down to get on the bus.  There weren't many people on when I got there, but there was sort of familiar looking young woman wearing a polkadot Bondi Band.  My brain was still a little fuzzy because it was so early but I thought, that has to be Jamie .  And thankfully- because I would have really freaked out a stranger- it was (and of course her husband Jason with her)!

We rode way north of town and were dropped off at a high school where we chilled out in the cafeteria and used the bathroom multiple times before the start of the race.  Big bonus points to the race organizers for having someplace warm (it was probably in the 30s before we started) to hang out before the race and indoor bathrooms (plus portapotties).  I didn't have to wait in line for more than maybe 5 minutes any of the three times I went before the race.

At 7:30 we gathered outside seeded by time.  My favorite pace sign- the one behind the 6 hour group- was "same day".  We listened to someone talk before the start about something, heard a bizarre jazz rendition of the national anthem, and we were off.

I started off with the 8:50 pacer, which felt really slow and easy at the beginning.  We were on gently rolling farm roads.  The morning was absolutely beautiful.  Just a little sunny and cool.  We got some fall leaf color action and a few glimpses of Lake Michigan every now and then.
Mile 1: 8:43
Mile 2: 8:33
Mile 3: 8:43 Man playing the accordion in his front yard with huge speakers to blast the music.  He had quite a set up
Mile 4: 8:28 I decided to go a little ahead of the pacer.  I'm naturally faster on the downhills and I didn't like having to slow down so much on those.
Mile 5: 8:26  Had a gel according to plan
Mile 6: 8:42
Mile 7: 8:41 The Concordia mile (which may have been the mile before- I can't remember or find a map that shows it) was probably the most fun mile of the race.  Lots of crowd support.  It went by really fast.
Mile 8: 8:48
Mile 9: 8:44
Mile 10: 9:11.  I think there was a small uphill here.  I also saw some crazy lady with a sign that said "You are so hot"  I think she was at the Madison Mini, too :).  Had a gel according to plan.
Mile 11: 8:51
Mile 12: 8:36
Mile 13: 8:52.  I crossed the 1/2 marathon marker at 1:55:03- right on track for a 3:50 marathon
Mile 14: 8:48

And here's where it starts to get hard:
Mile 15: 9:03   Had a gel according to plan.  Stomach said "this was your last gel."  Drank Gatorade for the rest of the race.
Mile 16: 9:07
Mile 17: 9:19
Mile 18: 9:37
Mile 19: 9:25
Mile 20: 9:55
Mile 21 10:00
Mile 22: 9:55
Mile 23: 10:05 The course rounded a corner and we got a huge downhill and a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.  Definitely the best view of the course (other than the finish line :) and my wonderful spectating friends and family).
Mile 24: 9:50
Mile 25: 10:29  Saw Jamie here.  I kind of hit the wall around here (obviously) and was super excited to see how well she was running.  I wanted to turn it on and run in with her but it just wasn't happening.
Mile 26.2: 10:39 + I was able to push it out coming down the chute, but I was definitely ready to be done at that point.  I saw Daniel and Matt and Amanda cheering and I wanted to smile and run fast (which was probably like 10 minute mile at that point) for them.

Here's me, still wearing my mittens for some reason even though it was 50 something degrees out at this point.

I felt kind of woozy after I finished so a helpful volunteer took me to the medical tent where they tried to get me to eat or drink something (my stomach was not having any of that!), and it was super hot in there, so fortunately I saw Jamie and Jason and the volunteer released me to them to make sure I didn't wander off somewhere.

I saw Daniel, Matt and Amanda and went to talk to them for a minute.

Noooo space blanket.  Too hot.

With Daniel.  Awww.  I'm glad these pictures turned out. My outfit makes me look like I escaped from the home for adults with special needs, but at least my skin isn't red and blotchy.

I sort of tried to eat and drink after the race but I felt pretty crappy until we were on our way home.  That night I made up for my lack of appetite during the day by having a wonderful celebration sushi dinner.

 Daniel, I want you to know I picked the picture that was most flattering of you for this.  Even though it means I look like an 8-year-old.

Overall, I'm really happy with the race.  Marathons are hard, and I feel like I gave this race my all.  Even though I didn't hit my pace goal, I did PR by a few minutes, and you can't be upset with that.  I do think my performance yesterday indicated I need to do two things for next time: 1. Add in some progression long runs to work on hanging in there when I feel tired and 2. Work on my nutrition strategy.  It wasn't fun to feel like barf toward the end of the race.

The End.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Race Day

If it's any time between 8am and 11:50am CST, I'm hopefully cruising through the streets of Milwaukee.  You should be able to see my split times posted on my Facebook wall.

Jamie (and her husband) and Amy are also running.  Good luck to both of them.  I'll try to get a race report up tomorrow, but I'm hoping to leave it all out on the course and do minimal activities that involve getting up off the couch.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 1:One accomplishment down, one to go

Although it wasn't really a surprise, I have to give a public shout out to Daniel who got the official word yesterday that he passed his qualifying exam.  We're planning to go out for sushi Sunday night to celebrate our accomplishments.  Even if the wheels come off during the race tomorrow, I've had a great training cycle and feel like I'm in the best shape of my life, and that's definitely something to celebrate (with food... don't tell Jillian).

I don't have much else to say except I'm super excited about the race.  The laundry is done, the groceries are bought, the apartment is mostly clean (gotta give the kitchen a once over and take the trash out), the directions are printed, we have a dinner restaurant recommendation by the hotel.  It's pretty chilly out this morning so I'm going to do my run in shorts to try to make the final skirt vs capris decision.  I'm doing a short run this morning to shake out my legs and packing my stuff, and we're headed over to Milwaukee after lunch.

Oh yeah-Daniel tried the dried cuttlefish yesterday.  It looked like gauze

 And took a very long time to chew (Daniel- this is by far the more flattering picture of the two I took)
Daniel said the cuttlefish itself was really nasty (worse than the dried squid our neighbors gave us) but that the hot sauce that came with it wasn't too bad.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 2:What to Wear

I've been going back and forth between my running skirt (I know, I know, but it's so comfortable) vs capris for the race on Sunday.  The starting temperature is 39 with a breeze but the high for the day is 55.  So I consulted the Runner's World Dress the Runner page.

At 39 degrees with a breeze to feel "cool", Runner's World wants you to wear shorts, a long sleeved shirt, a vest(?!), and mittens.  Okay, maybe if you knew the entire run was going to be at 39 or if 39 was the highest temperature on your run, but that seems like an overkill for sure.  There was so much stuff on the list, I couldn't get a screen shot to post.  So I tried 55 degrees.

So yeah... totally obvious, but I needed a picture to post and Daniel had a late night last night so I'm not sneaking back into the bedroom to get out what I'm actually planning to wear to take a picture of that.

 As of right now I'm going with running skirt, t-shirt, mittens, hat, and maaaayyyybeee my long sleeved MATC Turkey Trot shirt with the plan to sacrifice it when I got too hot.  The thing is, even though I'll be uncomfortable before the start, the race doesn't start until 8am so I shouldn't be cold in shorts (or the equivalent) and a t-shirt once I'm running.  Just gotta keep the hands warm.

I'll probably end up brining 10 options (yay for doing laundry last night) so I can make a last minute decision.

Oh the things to think about...

PS- I finished of the seaweed Pringles yesterday.  Mmmmmm... green.