Friday, October 22, 2010

In the Gloaming

5 points for anyone who remembers that song from middle school band.  I don't actually have any idea what "gloaming" means, but I imagine it's something like this

And that's what my runs have been like lately.  Truthfully most of the routes I run are pretty well lit, but there are a few parts as I've said before that are DARK.  Even that was okay until my headlamp burned out yesterday.  I'd like to think the third mile of my tempo run would have been faster if I could have seen anything below my waist.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a new battery or bulb or whatever I need this weekend, but it will be nice when daylight savings time is over and I can get a little sun before I'm through.

In addition to fixing my headlamp, I have decided to get one of these guys:

(This is what Fashion Friday amounts to on my blog.)   After almost getting hit by the bike and really really really not wanting to get hit by a car, I think it's a good idea to add some neon green light to my life.  Hot stuff.

Speaking of fashion, it's been pretty chilly in the mornings, and it seems like I have to escalate what I'm wearing every day so I don't turn into a Popsicle on  my bike ride to work.  First it was just a light jacket, then a jacket and light mittens, then a heavier jacket and light mittens, then a heavier jacket, heavier mittens and an ear warmer.  Today has been the coldest day thus far (it's 29 right now) and I had to add a scarf to the previous ensemble.  Ever had really cold wind blow down your shirt while riding your bike?  Not fun.  And to think in a few months 29 is going to feel tropical...

But the sun is shining.  It's supposed to get up into the 60s this afternoon (and then I have to cram all my warm stuff in my backpack, ugh).  And it's Friday (woot)!  Any exciting plans for the weekend?