Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 2:What to Wear

I've been going back and forth between my running skirt (I know, I know, but it's so comfortable) vs capris for the race on Sunday.  The starting temperature is 39 with a breeze but the high for the day is 55.  So I consulted the Runner's World Dress the Runner page.

At 39 degrees with a breeze to feel "cool", Runner's World wants you to wear shorts, a long sleeved shirt, a vest(?!), and mittens.  Okay, maybe if you knew the entire run was going to be at 39 or if 39 was the highest temperature on your run, but that seems like an overkill for sure.  There was so much stuff on the list, I couldn't get a screen shot to post.  So I tried 55 degrees.

So yeah... totally obvious, but I needed a picture to post and Daniel had a late night last night so I'm not sneaking back into the bedroom to get out what I'm actually planning to wear to take a picture of that.

 As of right now I'm going with running skirt, t-shirt, mittens, hat, and maaaayyyybeee my long sleeved MATC Turkey Trot shirt with the plan to sacrifice it when I got too hot.  The thing is, even though I'll be uncomfortable before the start, the race doesn't start until 8am so I shouldn't be cold in shorts (or the equivalent) and a t-shirt once I'm running.  Just gotta keep the hands warm.

I'll probably end up brining 10 options (yay for doing laundry last night) so I can make a last minute decision.

Oh the things to think about...

PS- I finished of the seaweed Pringles yesterday.  Mmmmmm... green.