Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week in Review - The Chicago Edition

First off a HUGE congratulations to Kerri for finishing her first marathon today.  I heard it was a hot one!

It seems like a year since I finished my race rather than just a week.  So what have I been up to since then?

M and T - Rest
W - 4 mi
R - 5 mi
F - 6.5 mi
S - Walk to and from the football game (that counts, right?)
U - 8 mi "long"

The weather is absolutely beautiful here.  The leaves are changing color but it's still warm out.  The sunrise coming up over the lake looked kinda like this

This weekend has been fun but not super productive.  Wicked was really cool, but we didn't get home until almost midnight, and I decided to cancel my early morning run Saturday to get a decent amount of sleep.  We walked over to the stadium and watched the Badgers beat Minnesota pretty easily.  It was a good game, but Big 10 football is nowhere near as exciting as SEC football.  The students didn't even show up until the 2nd quarter (which I hear is a tradition), and the band didn't play very much either.  Still, I'm glad we went at least once.  We won't even talk about the Gator game :(.

Today was a little better on the productivity side of things.  We went to church, I did some housework and then I rode my bike down to meet a friend for coffee and see her little girl.  And now it's time to get off the computer, make some dinner, and enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening!