Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If you can't blind them with your brilliance...

be like Calvin here:
(Credit: Bill Watterson, of course)

I spent the better part of the work day yesterday trying to turn the statement, "I'd like to go to Conference X because I've been working on some cool stuff this year, and I wouldn't mind presenting it 5 minutes away from the beach" into a four section grant proposal about why the university should fork over some $$$ to help us pay for it.  Fortunately the BS machine wasn't totally out of gas, and I managed to crank out some answers that I can revise today.

It was absolutely beautiful out yesterday afternoon but kind of chilly this morning.  Not for running- I was fine in a long sleeved shirt, shorts, and mittens, but I was pretty cold riding my bike in to work in the morning.  I definitely could have used some heavier mittens and something to go over my ears.  One of downsides of not getting on the computer before work is that I didn't know it was only 39.

Running has been really good.  Yesterday I did an easy 8, and the day before I did 7.5 with 2x(3x800) and all the interval paces (even the first, which is always slow) were sub-8 min/mile.  I'll be curious to see how I do at the 15k this weekend because I feel like I'm in pretty good shape.  However, I know nothing about the course so I'm not going to put any time goals out there.

And with that, I'm out the door!