Monday, August 15, 2011

Seven Links

Awhile back Sarah tagged me to do a 7-links post (thanks, Sarah), and I'm fiiiiiinally getting around to it.  I know the 7-links meme was so last month, but that's about as current as I can keep.

1. The most beautiful post- This is stretching it, but I'm going to say my post about walking across the lake in January.  I'm a warm weather girl at heart, but I have to admit, there's something strange and beautiful about Wisconsin in the winter.    

2. The most popular post- Interestingly, according to the blog stats- is this post Daniel wrote about not cheating when you do squats.

3. The most controversial post- Hmmmm... maybe when I got bored and tried eating paleo for a month.  Or when I mocked the governor.  Or when I called beets disgusting.

4. The most helpful post- I think some of my garden-related posts were pretty good.  Also, I had some posts on what to do with an overabundance of vegetables such as how to make and can salsa, and how to freeze broccoli.

5. The post that was surprisingly successful- Apparently my "in the bag" post about what I have in my office and carry around in my (at the time) very dirty backpack.  This was an idea from the SHUBox.  I'm wondering if she linked to it because compared to all my other posts, the pageviews for this one are off the charts.

6. The post I didn't feel got the attention it deserved- Apparentely it wasn't, but I really did think this post was funny.

7. The post I'm most proud of- I got nothin'...

I think it's time for the 7 things meme to end it's 45 day internet life so I'm going not going to tag anyone else to complete it.  If you want to, that's great; knock yourself out.  On that note, I'm going to go knock out a run and burn off some zucchini muffins.