Friday, July 9, 2010

In the bag

Yesterday Sarah at the SHU Box did a neat post about what she carries around all day as an endocrine fellow.  I thought it was fun to get a glimpse into the daily life of another blogger, and thought I'd do the same for myself today.  I have an office and a desk so I included a little of that in addition to the bag I carry back and forth to work.  Here's Chelsea's essential tools for life and work:

The top of my desk, featuring the computer, the phone (where I get calls for everyone other than me), a tennis ball for massaging computer shoulder, standard office stuff like tape and pens, my daily log book (on the left), my calculator, and scratch paper (very very important).

I try to keep a little summary of what I do every day in my log book.  What I did, where things are saved, etc.

I have a mountain of "oops" print outs and use the back for scratch work.

Then the essentials drawer- deodorant, almonds, make-up, toothbrush... it's all in here.

I also have a bunch of informational stuff pinned to my bulletin board.   For example, units and reference ranges for lab values that maybe one day I'll remember (no, probably not).

And now for my actual bag.  Never buy a light colored backpack.  Those stains never wash out.

 And the contents.  Not too much because I'm able to leave so much at work.  I've got my purse (easier to keep the contents in there and just transfer the whole thing), my lunch bag (which usually goes in the fridge when I get to work), an umbrella, random pens and pencils, and of course, my planner.

 So there you have it.  I think it would be neat to see other people do the same thing (hint, hint).  Hope you have a great Friday.  I'm off to do a long run because I'm leaving for Mississippi tomorrow morning.