Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting an MS in Baking- Dutch Baby

Cooking through these recipes, it is not hard to understand how the before picture in this article happened:

Butter.  Lots of butter.  Too much butter.  You don't want to know how much.

Anyway, this is another muffin method recipe.  It was different from the ones I'd made before in that the batter came together very loosely.

I'm not sure exactly why this was a muffin method recipe except- I guess- that you don't beat the batter into submission with a stand mixer.

Note to my cardiologist- stop reading here.

Those are pieces of bacon in the batter.  The batter goes into a skillet filled with melted butter.

And into the oven for 20 minutes.  Except that after 20 min there was still a lot of liquid on the top.  We let it cook some  more and finally decided to pour off the extra liquid (aka butter juice) and eat it as it was.

Here's half of it.  You can see it started to puff up on the outside- it's supposed to be like a popover, but it got bogged down in the middle and couldn't pop up correctly.  I don't think I made a mistake following the recipe.  It still tasted really really good- especially with the maple syrup we brought back from Canada- but no poof.  I guess I can look online to see if I can find a correction to the recipe.  Otherwise "way less butter" will be my first liner note in the cookbook.