Sunday, July 25, 2010

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

After a week of being gone and a week of just plain neglect, I'm back to blogging on at least a semi-regular basis.  It's not that there hasn't been anything worth mentioning going on- it's just that I haven't wanted to or felt like I could commit the time to posting in the early morning before work.  So what have I been up to?

I got back from Mississippi last Saturday night late and spent Sunday knocking out a hot, poorly fueled 13 mile run, doing laundry, and otherwise playing catch up.

Wednesday Daniel and I went with a coworker, her boyfriend, and two of her friends to see a Beatles tribute band play with the Madison Symphony Orchestra at the Concert on the Square.   We had a potluck picnic dinner and enjoyed what might have been the only reasonably cool weather in the country.

Friday was a big day in personal grooming for me.  I got a hair cut - pretty much the same as before but with a little bit of bangs for interest

And had my feet scrubbed with steel wool and toes painted a delightful summery purple

Man, I have some big foot veins.  

After my post-work salon time, Daniel and I went out to dinner at Taqueria Guadelajara.  Daniel got a taco and a gordita and I got a vegetarian huarache and attempted to order the cactus side dish.  What I got was something akin to green bean salad.  Not sure if that's cactus or not.  Daniel's gordita was very similar to the tacos we bought at the mercado in Juarez (yes, of the three times I've been out of the US one was to the murder capital of the world).  They had Tamarind Jarritos, which I've always wanted to try, but I wasn't in a soda mood.  Sadly they did not have Manzana Lift

It's been a good week getting back into working out- I'll save more of that for my week in review post tomorrow- but I hit my first 18-miler this morning at a 9:37 min/mile average pace.  I started out a little slow but picked it up through the middle and end of the run.  Next week will be the first 20 of the training cycle.  Gulp!

The only bad part of the run is that it was super humid and my CamelBak got in a fight with my actual back and the CamelBak won.

Those three spots caused me to wash my hair with my head upside down this morning because standing with my back to the shower water hurt so bad it's illegal to use as an interrogation device.  So I'll have to either wear a shirt with sleeves or fashion some kind of padding between me and my water backpack so it doesn't try to erode my shoulder blade again next week.

And that's about it.  In real life (as opposed to when this will be posted) it's 8:51pm, and I have a detective novel set in Botswana (the best kind!) waiting for me.  It's good to be back, and I look forward to continuing to catch up with what's going on with all of you.