Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everybody Likes Great Recipe Websites

I found Everybody Likes Sandwiches through Jess's blog, and have been in love with the uncomplicated yet interesting recipes therein.  I've been trying to get more vegetable variety going on in my diet, so I decided to try the lemon, parmesan and chickpea cabbage salad.  Lettuce I eat, cabbage not so much usually.  I made a couple substitutions- I swapped the lemon dressing for some TJ's Goddess I had on hand, I swapped white beans for chickpeas, and I threw in some cashews as this was going to be the main event for lunch.

The verdict?  Delicious and filling.  Gourmet even served out of Tupperware with ancient tomato stains.

If you like to cook and eat, check out ELS.