Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pretending that I can't read

that, like Jessica said, we are forecast for snow on Saturday. I just can't get over how beautiful it has been here the past few days. I guess the good thing about living through a long cold winter is that you really really appreciate the warm days (and believe me, I know the same goes for cool days after a long summer).

Lacey asked yesterday how piano lessons were going. The answer is, very good. I'm surprised at how well I've gotten into the habit (well, it's not quite a habit yet, but I've been good about it) of practicing an instrument again. I really like my teacher because he's been focusing on playing technique, which is something that you really can't get from one of those "teach yourself piano" books. We've also done some extra focus on bass clef (because I played the oboe forever I'm pretty good at trebble clef), and I think I'm improving. At least I'm not accidentally reading the notes as if they were on the trebble clef anymore.

Work is good but kind of slow. Not slow in a "nothing to do" sense but in a "this project is hard/tedious and it takes forever to get anything done" sense. I think the big boss is gone the rest of the week and for part of next week so it's going to be very quiet. It's good in some ways but kind of boring, too.

I'm planning 6mi this morning. Still running easy to recover from the race, but I'm actually feeling pretty recovered at this point. No good dinner pictures today. I met D for a quick dinner at Cosi before his exam.

Have a great Thursday, all.