Saturday, March 6, 2010


It's 8am, and I'm still in my pajamas. In fact, I was just getting up an hour ago. Almost 2.5 hours later than my normal rise. I looooove weekend days like this when there's no pressure to run out the door for anything. I can wake up naturally, take my time blogging and getting ready to run. Oh yeah. That's good stuff.

My weekend began at 2pm yesterday (thanks, State of Wisconsin for allowing us to take our unpaid time of in 2-hour chunks) getting my hair cut and feed pedicured. I'm not normally a girly girl, but I absolutely love having my hair washed and my feet scrubbed and softened. When D finally invents something cool, and we become rich and famous, I'm going to buy a monkey and train it to wash my hair and give me a scalp massage every day. (I said this to my coworker yesterday and she got agitated and said, "No! Monkeys make terrible pets- pay a person to do it!). So yeah, I don't actually mean that if anyone is truly concerned.

To celebrate the thaw I decided to go with BRIGHT on my toenails.

My hair looks pretty much the same as it has for the last 18 months. My only specifications are 1. Short, 2. Not so short that I can't pull it back at all, 3. Easy to style (since I don't have arms growing out of my back or that trained monkey I was talking about earlier). I am considering doing something a little bit different next time, but we'll see. Only 6 more weeks until my next hair appointment!

What else? Pizza at Roman Candle = Good. Second City = funny. What words can you say at the Overature? = All of them. Any topics off limits? = Don't think so. The two women who performed are in some of the Sonic Commercials ( Katie Rich and Sayjal Joshi- they are mentioned at the veeeery end of the article but aren't famous enough to have their own Wikipedia entries yet).

Plans for today? I'm going to run OUTSIDE. Yes. I'm going to do it. It's 23 degrees and getting warmer all the time (it was 17 when I checked an hour ago). It's sunny and so I can tell the difference between shadow vs ice (don't get those confused!). I'm pumped up. It's going to feel great.

Then maybe some walking through the mall? We're going back to Overature for a concert at 4pm (poor planning on my part, I guess, although I'm looking forward to it). And probably dinner out. Guess I need to do some chores in there, too.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.