Friday, March 5, 2010

Heat Wave

Yep. Madison hit 40 degrees for the first time in 2010 yesterday. My piano teacher said he was planning to wear shorts. Soon enough it'll be 50 and we'll have to get this baby out:

Hahaha, yeah right. In July maybe.

(Note: This is not actually a picture of our air conditioner. I have never taken a picture of our air conditioner. It's stashed down in the storage locker of horrors right now. But this gives you an idea).

While we're on the subject of the storage locker of horrors, there's one other point about it I forgot to mention. When the heat is on (October to May- yeesh) the boiler for the radiator, which lives in the basement, makes this mrrrrrm mrrrrrrrm mrrrrrrm humming noise that I call the building's life force. It definitely adds to the overall creepiness of the basement. During the summer, when the heat is off, the dead worms pick up the slack in the creepy department.

Wow, I think I've written more about the laundry dungeon in the last few days that I have about running in the last month. Maybe I need to change the focus of the blog.

Speaking of changing the blog... I have good intentions of trying out some new templates soon and tinkering with the sidebars. Not sure exactly what I want to do, but I really dislike the current template (no theology or geometry).

Last but not least, 5 important things will happen today:
1. I will run 6 miles
2. I will go to work, and not let S-Plus make me cry/turn up my music so I can mutter swear words at it under my breath.
3. I will take 2 unpaid hours (thanks, furlough) and get my hair cut.
4. We will eat pizza at Roman Candle.
5. We will see The Second City at the Overature.

And that's it. Get our our suntan lotion, we're headed for 40 again!

PS- Anyone (besides D) who knows the theology and geometry reference get's a free Halloween night's stay in my storage locker! Just leave a note in the comments.