Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week in review- Breakfast at Tiffany's Edition

So the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's... not very much like the book.  Well, a lot of the things that happened in the movie also happened in the book, but the tone was completely different.  When we picked up the DVD box in Blockbuster, I thought "Uh oh" because the story was neither romantic nor a comedy.  But it was a cute movie, and I see why everyone goes nuts for Aubrey Hepburn.

Running on the other hand went according to plan.
U (3/21) - 5 miles easy in 48:17 (9:40 min/mile pace) + yoga
M (3/22) - Strength training
T (3/23) - 7mi with 10 x 1 min fast in 1:04:52 (9:16 min/mile) + yoga
W (3/24) - Spinning
R (3/25) - 6mi progressive tempo in 52:57 (8:50 min/mile)
F (3/26) - Strength training
S (3/27) - 11.5 mi long run in 1:45:26 (9:11 min/mile)

Bringing the grand total to 29.5 miles run.  2x strength training, 2x yoga.

I have to say, I think I'm really liking this 5 days on 2 days off per week schedule.  I've felt energetic and ready to push myself on every workout this week, and I'm waaaay more motivated to do strength training because it now fits in my normal workout time.  

My long run yesterday went pretty well.  The weather was much nicer than last week so I was a little disappointed that I didn't run faster.  However, the pace felt relaxed and easy the whole way, and I ran a negative split, starting out around 9:20-something min/mile and finishing with the last couple miles around 8:50-something min/mile.

I am having an issue I hope someone out there can help me with.  Both last week and this week I had a side stitch for almost my entire run!  It wasn't so painful I couldn't keep going (obviously), but it made me nervous to even take a sip of water until I was done (which wasn't really a big deal because it was 30 degrees out).  I'm not going anything different than on any other day of the week except wearing a waist belt with a water bottle in it (which I have done many times before with no problem).  Any one have suggestions for preventing this?  Or helping it go away once it starts?  

Otherwise yesterday was mainly a "get everything done" day.  I was tired by the end, but we have a clean apartment, clean laundry, and apple cinnamon muffin batter waiting for us to get back from church.  As far as making bread and gnocchi goes- didn't happen.  No potato ricer to make gnocchi and somehow we are missing the little paddle that mixes stuff in the bread machine (which I didn't figure out until after the bread dough was supposed to be ready- argh!- how do you miss something like that??).

Today should be pretty chill.  Run + church + brunch + making caramel apple oatmeal cookie dough to have for our church small group meeting tomorrow + yoga and piano + maybe a little reading and/or nap time in there.  The only 2 days of work this week!!!

Hope you all have a great Sunday.