Friday, March 12, 2010


At least I think I'm glad it's Friday. I have a lot to do before I'll feel ready to disconnect my brain from work for the weekend. I haven't slept super well the last two nights- visions of the cumulative incidence of microaneurysms only were dancing in my head- so I hope I can hit a hard stopping point by the end of the day so I can truly relax. Like this

I think all my computer-related back and shoulder problems would be gone if I could stretch like that.

No run planned for this morning. I decided that, although it isn't BAMF, it would be prudent to take today off before my race on Sunday. No, it's not the Olympic Trials, and no, I probably won't PR or anything, but I still want to go into it feeling fresh, not like I'm at the end of the week ready for a rest day. So I'm just going to do about 30 min of yoga before work and an easy run tomorrow with some pick-ups.

Don't you wish you could do that? I'd hate to see what would happen if he lost his balance, though.

Last nights dinner was a tasty reheated lamb and chickpea tagine.

I actually made this in the crockpot rather than on the stove (well, everything except the couscous). It tasted great both times, and I'd definitely make it again except lamb stew meat is really expensive. I think you could do chicken or beef, though. Tonight is dinner out night. Not sure where yet.

Time to go see if I can still touch my toes. Have a great Friday, all.