Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The spell has been broken

I am officially out of love with the treadmill. I jumped on it yesterday morning for my run, but it only took 30 seconds for me to decide that whatever the weather was like, I wanted to be outside. And yeah, it was foggy and mud city, but it was warm (31!!!) and wonderful to move forward for a change. It's supposed to rain the rest of the week, which will be fun. Rain + melting snow = everything turns into a lake. But it means winter is almost over. And that makes me so.very.happy. Ah.

Strength training day 2 was good. It was kind of fun to be back at the gym in the afternoon with the regular cast of characters including tattoo guy* and everyone getting ready for spring break, including the guy who was walking around drinking out of a gallon jug of OJ. I am much less sore than on Monday.

I had a fun history lesson yesterday at work learning to use the VAX, which is the original computer network our office started with back in the 80s. It was like I was in Back to the Future, although instead of going back to 1955, I was going back to 1985. D (who is a computer guy and thinks it's hilarious that we still use that thing) told me I should ask our computer guys if its circuits are made from narwhal bones.

Last night's dinner was pan grilled pork chops with pineapple salsa. I made this one a little "semi-homemade" by subbing canned pineapple salsa for fresh stuff (you aren't going to see a fresh pineapple in WI in March). I also added a side of cole slaw and couscous.

We don't have pork very often, so it was a nice change. Seems more like a summer recipe so I'm not sure why it ended up in Cooking Light this month, but it was tasty all the same.

* Tattoo guy has a picture of a Jessica Rabbit-style sexy nurse on his arm that he says is a picture of his wife, "Well, not her body... but her face."