Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week in Review

This was a pretty low volume, low intensity training week (only 23 miles and no real speedwork or intervals) leading into my first race of 2010- the Shamrock Shuffle. Stay tuned for my race report tomorrow. I don't have any real time goal going into the race. I just want to get an idea where I'm at to start the new training year.

Here's the breakdown:
Sunday- First strength training workout in a loooong time.
Monday- 6mi on the treadmill in 58 minutes with 10x1 min fast. 30 min yoga.
Tuesday- 8mi easy outside in 1:16:38 (9:39 min/mile). Strength training.
Wednesday- 60 min spinning
Thursday- 5mi easy in 47:30 (9:30 min/mile). Strength training.
Friday- 30 min yoga.
Saturday- 4mi easy with pick ups in 36:00 (9:00 min/mile).

Some random thoughts:
1. Strength training is a good thing. So is yoga. I feel much better when I do both of these things on a few-times a week basis.
2. I ran in shorts for the first time in WI in 2010 this week. This was also the first week I went out with out my heavy coat, mittens, and a hat. It was beautiful. That picture on the lake would not be happening now. I'd be up to my waist in very cold water.

3. I'm flirting with the idea of actually cutting back on cardio by one day each week. I know it probably seems crazy to those of you who pile on the miles (and have great race times to show for it), but in the spirit of non-competitiveness, I think I'm might be able to bring some more intensity to my runs if I take an additional rest day each week.

Here's my rationale: Normally by my Saturday am run, I feel like it's the end of the week and I'm kind of dragging. Part of the reason I've been doing my longer runs on Tuesdays is that I don't feel like I have much oomph at the end of the week to knock out a good long run. However, I had an awesome run this morning after taking yesterday off. Obviously I'm coming off a fairly easy week, but I felt like I had an energy for my run that I haven't felt on a Saturday in... maybe ever. My plan would be to run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, spin Wednesday, and be "off" Monday and Friday. An added bonus to this would be that I could make Monday and Friday my strength training days, and I could hit the gym during the morning when it's less crowded and my body is conditioned to work out, leaving more time for yoga and LIFE after work.