Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wish me luck!

We are going skiing this morning! I have tried to ski once before, and it was not particularly successful, but I have high hopes for today. We are going to get there right when it opens to beat the crowds, and the place we are going has lots of beginner runs. My plan is to do the tow rope/ cable tow 39483045 times until I actually figure out how to stop without falling down, and then try some of the beginner runs you access by ski lift. I'm hoping it's going to be a lot of fun. Thanks, Mom and Dad! (this is a Christmas gift from them)

Dinner last night was good. I did have "The Imam Fainted" which was a grilled eggplant with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and pine nuts... and olive oil. Lots of olive oil. Which made it very tasty. I'd definitely go back and try some of their other Turkish dishes. Despite my hatred of olives, I like Mediterranean food a lot.

After dinner we went to check out Costco. We wandered through the store and checked prices on the things we thought we'd be interested in buying there. The problem for us is that most of the things I'd want to buy there (fruit, salad, milk) would require a trip every week, and I just don't see it being worth the extra time and effort it would take to drive all the way out there- plus do my normal grocery shopping- to maybe save a few dollars over what the membership costs. And we really don't have the freezer or cabinet space to store the huge packages of meat and vegetables they sell. Had I been blown away by "Oh man, everything here is exactly what I want," then it might have been worth it, but I think I would end up resenting having to go all the way out there to shop every week if we got a membership. But at least we know that now.

Anyway, I better get my act together to run this morning. Hope you all have a good Saturday!