Friday, February 19, 2010

Surprise long run

Yesterday I got on the treadmill to do my run, and I was feeling pretty good so I decided, "What the heck, I've got time. Let's do 10 miles." And I did. I've kind of been mentally dreading doing a long run this week (not sure why) so I figured if I was motivated, I should take advantage of the situation. Glad I've got that checked off the list.

I got another pleasant surprise getting a Sunshine Award from Running Diva Mom.

Thanks so much! I need all the sunshine I can get to make it through the rest of the winter. Running Diva Mom, you must not have made it on to my Google Reader when I made the switch from Sage (thanks a lot, Firefox), but you're there now!

Otherwise life's pretty normal. Hopefully I'll get a lot done at work today so I can slide into the weekend without anything hanging over my head. Tonight we're planning to go to a Chinese restaurant called Asia Express. D. heard about it through the computer science list serv, our most trusted resource for all things Chinese and Indian, so hopefully it will be pretty good. There's no website, though :(. I always like to check out menus before I go somewhere.

I also want to go to the craft store tonight. I'm finally feeling ready to do something crafty again after my Christmas ornament marathon in November/December. Don't tell anyone, but I'm planning to make an afghan for a coworker who will leave in the summer of 2011. She's been a great friend to me and a big source of support doing the whole research thing. I know it seems premature to start on it now, but I tend to work on projects in fits and starts so 1.5 years for a blanket is probably about right.

Hope you all have a great Friday.