Wednesday, February 3, 2010


That was what my long run was yesterday. It was only 10 miles, but it's only the second time I've done a double digit run since (I think) last March. Unlike on Saturday, I felt really strong and relaxed the whole way through, and I didn't have that post long run fatigue either. I felt totally normal for the rest of the day. Also, I like doing long runs during the week. I know I couldn't get away with doing an 18 miler on a Tuesday before work, but once the sun starts coming out earlier, I think I could definitely get up to 12, which is a fine distance for a long run since I'm not planning on doing any races longer than a 1/2 marathon. Whew. It feels so good to have running go well again. Especially after last year.

Unfortunately I did not "be all I could be" at work yesterday. It's not that I spent the whole day stalking people on Facebook or anything- I had a productive meeting and got a concrete sense of what I needed to do for a project, and I figured out how to make a new kind of graph in SAS, but I didn't really focus the way I should have. I had a really good week for focusing last week, and I know I can't be 100% on every day. Maybe the run fatigued my brain more than I realized. Anyway, I had some insight on what I need to get done today over night. Hopefully things will go better.

Last, I need some fashion advice. Our church is having a dance next Friday night (the 12th), and I have no idea what to wear. I was told that women mostly wear party dresses although you see a range of everything from "I wore this to Homecoming" to "I wore this to football practice". Note, this is not just for the high schoolers, it's for everyone, and we are going with some other couples from our young married group. I looked at the Ann Taylor Loft website because I have some gift cards and 20% off coupons there, but I didn't see anything that matched what I *think* I'm looking for. Any suggestions for good places to shop for such a thing? So many stores are coming out with spring clothes, but it is definitely not spring here (although it looks like the weather won't be too bad that day- forecast is for highs in the 20s).

Well, gotta get ready for spinning. Have a great Wednesday, all.