Saturday, February 6, 2010


Is hopefully not what I will be today. I was up until 11pm last night hanging out and playing games with friends, and now I'm back up even earlier than normal weekday time to run and get ready for our class. I think I should get some points from someone for this.

The class is called The Old Testament: Getting the Big Picture, and it's being taught be one of the junior pastors at the church who is finishing his PhD in Jewish studies. Don't know any more than that. I think it has the potential to be interesting, but sometimes in a class like that you'll get a participant who gets fixated on some minor detail and asks 3498374 questions and you just can't get beyond it. But hopefully that won't happen.

Otherwise today is a normal chore/catch-up day- dust, vacuum, phone calls, grocery store, Target, piano etc. Hopefully it will not involve a nap, but I can't rule out the possibility. Also, (thanks for the dress advice earlier, btw) I might pull out the dresses I have and do a little fashion show to see if there's something I already have that I want to wear. The workout will be 5 or 6mi on the treadmill and either yoga here or maybe going to the hot yoga class.

Last night's dinner out was at Swagat. D found out about it through his computer science list serv so we figured it was probably pretty good. And it was. I asked for my dish medium spicy, and it was in fact medium spicy rather than totally bland, which seems to be what is considered medium spicy in most of the Midwest. I got the shahi navratan korma: nine fresh garden vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce with almonds, cashews, raisins and spices, and we shared some naan bread. Very tasty.

Hope everyone on the East Coast affected by the blizzard is staying safe and warm. Have a good Saturday, all.