Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

Today is a good day to remind myself about the good things about snow:

1. It's going to cover up all the nasty gray/brown crunchy snow that's been hanging around.
2. It can't snow unless it's (relatively) warm.

Ummm... that's what I've got for now.

It started snowing yesterday evening, and it's still going pretty strong. In fact, it looks like we're expected to get snow all week. Other than the monster snowfall we had in December, we've had a dry winter, so I guess we were due.

Hopefully this will not impact my plan to do my long run at the gym this morning. I think Tuesday and Thursday are the least busy days normally, and hopefully we won't get a big influx of snow avoiders. At least snow avoiders who want to use the treadmill. Elliptical snow avoiders are welcome.

Otherwise not too much exciting is going on. I finished SSSM yesterday and am planning to take a break from book reading so I can get to my Runner's World and January's issue of The Smithsonian. My abstract for the conference was officially sent at midnight last night. We'll see what happens with that. Last night's dinner was shrimp fra diavolo, which was pretty good. I don't know what my resistance is to taking my own pictures...

Stay warm and dry out there!