Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it snow...

Thanks to everyone who voted on dresses yesterday. My current top two choices are A) and D), but it looks like B was very popular, too. C really is more of a spring/summer dress. I have the winners hanging up in my closet to get the wrinkles out by Friday so I have all the options available to me. This exercise made me a little sad because I thought "Oh, I have so many cute dresses, but I can't really wear any of them for months without the risk of dying of exposure."

I had a good 7 mi treadmill run yesterday, and I'm planning to do my long run this morning.

Otherwise it's just another busy day at work. We have a conference call this afternoon that everyone is worried about. Hopefully the stress level will go down after that.

Well, I better get it together so I can fit 10 mi in before I have to leave for work. Happy Tuesday, all!