Thursday, February 18, 2010


Don't let anyone find out, but I think I've finally almost dug myself out from under a huge pile of confusing data requests and projects that must be done NOW so I can finally spend some time focusing on my own projects. I spent yesterday finishing up some data requests that weren't *too* bad/time consuming, AND I was able to pass off a data request that probably would have been a bear to our new statistician (thanks, K!- if by some freakish chance you ever find this). Even though these things are not the most important part of my job, it feels great to finish them and check them off the list. So the question today is... do I dedicate it to working on an important project just in case I get dumped on again (I already know about something that's coming down the pike, just not sure when), or do I completely finish another "easy" project that's been hanging out in the queue for far too long? I'm leaning toward the latter because I just want it to be DONE rather than smiling up at me, saying "Hi, I'm still here!" every time I look at my project list. So yeah... if I could get that done... and the "bad eye" selection done... and the final nevus table done... before I have any other data requests... I'll be golden.

Spinning was good yesterday. I think I'm back to feeling 100% energetic again. This morning should be 7mi on the treadmill.

The other exciting accomplishment yesterday was I made it through the day without drinking soda (but not without coffee *shudder*). I did chew a little gum, but it wasn't too bad. I like soda, and I like gum, but I need to face the facts (for like the third time) that they seem to bother my stomach. Actually, I don't notice it too much when I'm drinking/chewing gum on a regular basis, but when I quit I feel a lot better. So recently I've been having some stomach issues, and I've decided to quit again. It's a little hard psychologically, but because I continue my caffeine stream I never feel bad when I quit. Oh Diet Mt. Dew... you're so good to me... you're so bad for me.

And that's about it. Have a good Thursday, everyone!