Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm up a little early so I can run a little early and be at work a little early for a conference call with collaborators in Iceland. I thought about trying to get out of it, but then I decided I'd save my "Get out of a conference call free" card for sometime later.

My run yesterday was pretty good, but definitely not as peppy as Tuesday's. The plan for today is 5mi easy... maybe stretched out to 6mi depending on how I'm feeling. The original plan for this week was to do 37 or 38 miles, but I may scale back to 35 (which is what I would have if I did 5 today and 5 tomorrow). I'm thinking that 35 miles would be a good place to hang out for a few weeks before I bump things up rather than trying to bump all the way up to 40mpw right now. I want to get there before I do the 1/2 marathon in May, but 40 is a lot of miles on the treadmill... especially when early Saturday commitments are making me do my long runs before work during the week.

Thanks for your kind comments about being tried. I knew I was not alone, but it was nice to hear other people say it :). I'm actually feeling much better this morning, leading me to think it wasn't so much a sleep problem as a "post long run fatigue" problem. Focus at work yesterday was waaaaayyyy better, and I'm hoping for more of the same today. I feel so much better at the end of the day when I know I was really productive. That's the way I want to feel entering the weekend.

Last night's dinner was also kind of pretty. I made tilapia sandwiches from a Cooking Light recipe.

I guess I could have gotten a little more up close and personal with it so you could see what it really looked like. I need some serious practice at this food photography thing.

Tonight we're planning to go out to dinner (Indian maybe?) and to game night at a friend's house. Tomorrow will be another early morning doing a seminar at church about The Old Testament (some people have an inner child, D and I have an inner old person).