Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Always moving, never going anywhere

That's the story of my workouts for almost a month now! The last time I ran outside was when I was visiting my parents in FL from Jan 8-12- unless you count numerous sprints for the bus. This morning will be cycling in place, which I actually prefer to cycling on a road because there is music and no cars. Today's theme is supposed to be "anti-Valentines Day". Should be entertaining. The guy who teaches the Wednesday class always has a good music selection.

Yesterday's long run was not as peppy as last week's, but I stuck with it and got it done. Again, I really like doing my long run early in the week. It doesn't seem like it takes up much more time than a regular run on a Tuesday, but doing my long run on Saturday- maybe because I'm already getting up later- seems to eat up the whole morning. Plus I think it helps with the "I did a long run so I deserve to eat a bunch of junk food" urges I sometimes get because- yes, I eat more on my long run day- but it's more likely to be real food than a sundae.

Work and the conference call were less stressful than I'd imagined. I still have a "pressing" project I feel like will never end, but I'm fairly confident I'll have it finished this morning so I can move onto the 1000 other requests I've been ignoring to finish this. Oh! the other exciting thing is that I got to see a copy of my first journal article that will be published. All that stuff is proprietary so I can't share it on the blog (because I know you are dying to read about blood pressure and retinal vessel measurement), but it's definitely exciting for me.

Otherwise I have my third piano lesson tonight, and I'm planning to make Southwestern Mac n Cheese from An Edible Mosaic, which I saw first on Saran's blog. I have a feeling this will be a huge hit.

Stay warm out there all- and stay safe if you are in the Mid Atlantic bracing for Snowmageddon 10 or whatever number blizzard you are on for this year. Have a great Wednesday, all.