Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo caption Thursday

I see this poor bike every time I go downstairs and do the laundry.

Your mission: Suggest a caption for this picture.

Your prize: My admiration (I don't get goodies from companies to give away :( - although I would happily give you some yogurt because I accidentally bought the wrong kind yesterday)

In 10 minutes or so I'll be able to tell if the treadmill is fixed. Although the repair guys (I guess) replaced the part, when I ran on it a little bit after they left I thought it felt about the same. Then again I was wearing my work clothes and I'd just done a killer spin class, so maybe my perception was inaccurate. The other reason I'm not sure that it's fixed is that repair guy #1 tried to run on it at 6 mph and said, "Yeah, I think it feels like a 6. It's going pretty quick." Which is the PROBLEM because a 10 min mile should feel easy- not quick- which is why I think that 6mph is really closer to a 9 min mile than a 10 min mile. Anyway, I think I've figured out that my treadmill seems to run about .5 mph faster than other treadmills. If it's not fixed, I'm going to use that as a sort of conversion between my treadmill and "real running". I asked treadmill guys if there was anything else that we could do if I still felt like it wasn't working right, and they said no- some treadmills are just faster/slower than others. So I'll continue to go by effort on mine, which is what I've been doing for the last few weeks anyway. I'm still really happy to have it, but I figured since we had the warranty it was worth pursuing any possible mechanical problems.

Whew... long paragraph. Today is another normal day. Work and tonight is cleaning night, which is good because I dropped a crockpot full of sauce on the floor last night. Oops. Edited to say: Not that I just left the sauce there, but I need to actually mop.

Another question- Do any of you do a lot of shopping at Costco? We have one, but it's waaaaayyyy on the very outskirts of town. BUT, I feel like we're spending $$$$ on produce and meat that might be better to buy at someplace like Costco. Do they carry other healthy stuff? I'm guessing so because bloggers like Mama Pea and HEAB shop there. But my image of Costco is that it's rows of sugar cereal and hot dogs. Also, we don't have much storage room so that's an issue. Any devoted Costco shoppers want to give me the 411?