Wednesday, February 24, 2010


That was a picture of baby hedgehogs yesterday, courtesy of The Daily Squee. The problem with that site is that you have to wade through a lot of lame pictures:

Exhibit A)

Okay, great, I've seen a cat before.

To get to the good stuff:

The secret is that D. is the one who is actually into this stuff a lot more than me, so every once in awhile I'll hear, "Hey! I've got some good squee for you." from the other room and I can check it out without having to waste time on a picture of someone's cat laying next to their other cat. Seen it.

Let's see... I'm going to spinning this morning and then I'm going to remember (I hope) to come back home to let the treadmill fixin' guy in to replace the speed sensor. We actually had someone out a few weeks ago who replaced the circuit board but had the whole thing back together before he told me he didn't replace the speed sensor. Huh? So I said I'd give it a try and call back if I thought it was still running fast. Well, it is. For example. I can run 7mph on the treadmill at the gym (any gym- this is true at UW and at my in-law's gym in TN) or outside for awhile. It's about my tempo pace so it's not easy but it's do-able. On my treadmill 7mph with no incline is an all out sprint. So hooooopefully when they replace the speed sensor it will feel more normal.

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday is that I got to look at my retinal photographs. Evidently I have a tiny cup (where the optic nerve comes in- this is a good thing), and a blonde macula (not bad or good- just that blonde people tend to have a lighter colored macula). I get to keep the slides, but I have no idea what I will do with them, haha.

Otherwise things are normal city. Hope you all have a great Wednesday.