Friday, February 12, 2010


Our exam site visit yesterday was pretty cool. We got to see and experience some of the vision testing equipment that is being used, have retinal photos taken (sorry, MM, no pictures for the blog (even though I think that would be totally cool)- we do only film photos), and watch two patient exams. I definitely feel like I have a better sense of what goes on in the exams and also the accuracy of some of the data. Sometimes we get wrapped up in being able to give the answer to a question like "Mean age at time of first cancer" to the second decimal place when in fact patients answer questions like that with "Oh, I was in my 40's... or maybe 50's".

Even with a "break" day yesterday, I'm glad it's Friday. I've got 5 or 6mi on the treadmill, and I really need to try to squeeze in some yoga after work. I've been pretty bad about doing it this week, but I think it really does help keep me from getting stiffness and aches and pains from running. Tonight is dinner at The Great Dane downtown with our church small group and then the dance. It's going to be pretty chilly so with me luck with my dress. Hopefully I'll have my act together and take/post pictures. Hope everyone has a great Friday!