Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 3 Months In

We've just finished the first 1/4 of 2010 (!!!!) so it's time for a resolution check in.  In a way it seems kind of silly to think about new year's resolutions after the second week of January, but because I'm semi-interested in actually keeping them, I'm doing another check in.

1. Put away everything after I use it- Hmmmm... I'd say I'm getting a C+ in this one.  For the most part I get dishes washed after I use them and I'm not leaving my clothes in a pile on the dresser.  But sometimes I do.  And that sometimes is becoming more frequent.  I need to get on this one.

2. Focus at work - Wow, this one definitely has peaks and valleys.  Some days I'm totally on.  Some days I'm a distracted child.  Playing music seems to help when I'm doing tedious stuff, but I still have the bad habit of checking "just one blog in Google Reader" while I'm waiting for a long program to run.

3. Get out of my comfort zone when it comes to exercise and eating healthy - This one deserves at least a B+.  After years of thinking I had to do cardio 6+ days a week, I've cut back to 5, and so far it's been a great decision.  Two strength training sessions a week allow me to 1. Recover from a though workout, 2. Prevent injury, and 3. Tone up a bit.  So why have I resisted doing this for so long?

4. Have more fun with more people  - I'm still an introvert, but we did have our first dinner party, and I really enjoyed it.  The next few weekends are going to be busy, but I definitely want to do more dinner parties and social stuff in general.

5. Take more pictures - Maybe, because anything greater than 0 would be an improvement.  I still don't know why I'm resistant to it.

6. Keep in touch - Boo.  Another fail.  I'm good at calling my parents once a week, but there are a few of you out (I don't think any of whom read my blog) there that I'm soooo lazy about calling.  I miss you!  I'm sorry I'm a lame friend/family member.

7. Music - Yes!!!  Piano is going well (except that I haven't practiced much this week due to feeling yucky every evening).  I really enjoy playing an instrument again.

8. Waste less time - Hmmmm... I think this has been pretty good.  I'm trying to do yoga and piano every day after work rather than... say... watch Say Yes to the Dress, but sometimes (like this past week) I just collapse on the couch in a puddle.  Oh well.

9. Read real books - I think I've also been pretty good about this one.  I read Soul Searching, which is an academic book about the sociology of teenage religion in America.   And Breakfast at Tiffany's, which is (I guess) a classic.  And I'm in Leviticus in my chapter a day Bible reading (and what's more serious than regulations on mildew?).  In fact I don't think I've read anything without any redeeming value in awhile.  So hopefully I'll get my library request for U is for Undertow soon.      

10. Do a better job on the blog - I think so.  At least this one is a work in progress.  I've changed up the layout a bit and am trying to post every day and add more color and pictures (which this post is completely lacking).

All in all, I think I deserve a C+ or B on resolution keeping, which is pretty good considering I'd actually forgotten what some of my resolutions were!

Did you make any resolutions this year?  Do you still remember what they were?  Have you kept up with them?