Saturday, April 10, 2010


Is what my brain feels like right now.  Unfortunately my body is not cooperating.  D and I both got up around 4am (the second day in a for for me) to get over to the church to help clean up after the lock in.  The kids had fun- I think.  They were pretty subdued by the time I got there.  Not even donuts got them excited.  The mess wasn't too bad and we were done by about 7:30am.

I took two kids home and D to work and I had just crawled back into bed when I got a text message.  Rewind for a minute... One of the kids from the lock in couldn't get inside when I took him home.  He tried to call someone to let him in using my phone, but the person didn't answer, so I took him to the friend's house.  Well, evidently he called his very concerned sister who became even more concerned when she got some phone calls from a mysterious number.  I found out later that her phone was almost out of batteries so she could send texts but not make calls.  Anyway... several text messages later she was convinced of her brother's safety, and all my thoughts of a morning nap were gone.  I feel like I've been up forever even though it's only 10:20.  I guess in a way I have.

I am very glad I did my long run yesterday rather than saving it for this morning because that's about the last thing I feel like doing right now.  It went pretty well other than being about 30 seconds/mile slower than I would have liked (and have been running the last few weeks).  It seemed like it took my body a lot longer to wake up than it normally does.  I chalk it up to a)It was cold (probably in the 20s), b)It was early (I was out the door at 5:30), and c)I hadn't had a rest day the day before like I normally do.  In any case, 9:30 min/mile is a perfectly appropriate pace for a long run for me according to the McMillan Running Calculator (with my goal half marathon pace plugged in) so I'm trying not to be unhappy with it.

Endurance WorkoutsPace/MilePace/K
Recovery Jogs10:12 to 10:426:20 to 6:39
Long Runs9:12 to 10:125:43 to 6:20
Easy Runs9:12 to 9:425:43 to 6:02

Last night we had dinner at Lao Laan-Xang, a Laotian/Southeast Asian restaurant on Madison's east side.

D had the khua nor mai, which was a garlicky chicken and vegetable dish, and I had a vegetarian peanut curry dish that I don't see on the online menu.  Both were served with white rice.  True to Midwestern form, D's dish, which he asked to be the "careful" level of spicy was totally bland (as far as spiciness was concerned), and mine, which I ordered "adventurous" had a nice mild spice to it.  Although it has super high ratings on Yelp, I was not blown away.  It was good.  It was different.  But it didn't leave me feeling like I couldn't wait to go back to try something else.  Maybe we will, and maybe we won't.

Otherwise not much else is going on.  I'm planning to head to the gym before lunch and do all the other normal around the house stuff.  Maybe I'll get in a nap later in the day.  Otherwise I'll sleep good tonight!  Have a great Saturday, all.