Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's been pretty cold the last few mornings.  Even though it's 41, we actually have a frost advisory for this morning.  Yesterday morning it was only 33, and there was a strong wind coming off the lake.  Despite this (or maybe because of it) I finished my 6 miler in a little more than 55 minutes- a pretty good pace of an easy run for me.  Unfortunately by the time I got home my hands were like blocks of ice.  I have my mittens out for this morning and am planning another 6 miles with some pick-ups.  I think I'm recovering well from my last race, and am feeling even better going into the one this Saturday.

Dinner last night was pan-seared scallops from Cooking Light (see recipe on the side bar) served with Trader Joe's multigrain pilaf.  This is not something I think of as a dish I would normally make, but it turned out pretty well other than being a bit over-salted (I was afraid it would be bland and probably underestimated the saltiness of the bacon).

For tonight's dinner, spring vegetable carbonara (again, see sidebar for recipe), I'm going to be tackling one of my biggest cooking fears- sauces.  The recipe has you make a sauce using egg, cheese, and some of the pasta water.  This is exactly the kind of sauce I would have royally messed up when I first started cooking, but now that I'm getting more confidence in the kitchen, I think it's time to try again.

Well, that's all the excitement around these parts.  Is there any kitchen skill you are "afraid of"?