Thursday, April 8, 2010

Knowing what I'm doing

Despite all the anxiety I felt going into it, yesterday's data meeting went really well.  I fielded a lot of questions about both talks, and I felt like I was able to answer everything clearly and completely.  No one even asked about the thing I was really nervous about!  

What really made my day, though, was when one of our post docs told me that she thought I'd done and was doing a great job, and that I seemed to have really gained a lot of confidence and knowledge in the last 6 months or so.  I'm not saying this to brag about myself, but to highlight the importance of complimenting your peers when they deserve it.  Usually I think about praise for actions coming down from above, but having it come from a peer (who definitely has no obligation to say anything) really meant a lot to me.  Now it's my turn to keep my eye out for someone who does something that deserves recognition, and I challenge you all to do the same.    

So yeah... we did have a little bit of this last night and this morning.

Just a light dusting on the cars and the ground, but we are back down into the 20s overnight.  Spring is tricky. Last weekend I was just sure it wasn't going to get cold again, and this morning I'm going to be digging my gloves and ear warmer out from under the bed while trying not to wake D.

I did have a good run yesterday.  I channeled all my angst about the data meeting and my desire to do well at the races I'd registered for into a progressive tempo.  The breakdown was 10 min at 8:50min/mile, 10 min at 8:16 min/mile, 10 min at 8:02 min/mile, and 5 min at 7:48 min/mile.  Much better than last week!

Training side note- Lacey asked what the rest intervals I use for my 4x3 min fast were: I do 2 minutes easy in between.

And last, we had a Cooking Light favorite last night, lamb and chickpea tagine (see recipe in sidebar).

Actually, that looks kind of scary.  I really need to work on my food photography!  And yes, that is 2-Buck Chuck Pinot Grigio served out of a regular glass.  Kind of appropriate, I think.

Have a great Thursday, all.