Monday, April 12, 2010

Cutting the cord

Surprisingly I got most everything checked off my "to do" list yesterday.  Two cakes are made (pictures to come tomorrow), piano was practiced, yoga was done, and church, youth group, and a youth group meeting were all attended.  And one phone call was made... I turned off our cable.

This probably sounds silly to all the non-TV watchers out there, but we'd actually been going back and forth about this for awhile.  However, after a week without it while our TV was being fixed, we decided that we could still watch anything we really wanted with Hulu and through the wonderful world of DATN, the university internet TV service.  We hooked up an old laptop to the TV and can watch all the networks (very important during college football season), a few cable selections such as CNN (very important during winter treadmill runs), the Weather Channel, and BET(!?), and about a dozen channels for internationals living in the US.  The Japaneese channel and TV Asia (the Indian channel) look most promising so far, although we haven't checked out all three Russian channels or some of the other European channels yet.

Well, I better get going.  My run 8 mi with 3 hill repeats won't get done without me.  Hope you all have a great Monday!