Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week in Review- Happy Easter Edition

Happy Easter to all!  

We're headed out to church at our normal time this morning and then over to Bluephies for brunch.  I love sweet breakfast foods like pancakes and French toast, and we rarely every go out to breakfast/brunch so this is definitely a treat for me.  Our TV died Friday night so yesterday was a busy one, running around getting that fixed and trying to set up internet/TV on an old laptop.  Hopefully our last day of vacation will be much more relaxing!

Here's the week in review:

S- 5 recovery miles in 49:00 (9:48 min/mile)
M- Strength training and yoga
T- 7.3mi in 1:07:00 (9:03 min/mile).  This was a repeat of the progressive tempo run I did last week.  Rather than going full out like last week, I moderated myself a bit and was closer to hitting the prescribed paces: 10 min at 9:03, 10 min at 8:34, 5 min at 8:13, 5 min at 7:40.  I was actually a little disappointed that I didn't run this as fast as last week, but I did purposely slow down a bit, and this was when I was still not feeling very well.
W- 5 mi with 10x1min fast in 46:40 (9:20 min/mile).  This was pretty much at the hight of not feeling good.  Luckily I turned the corner the next day.
R- Strength training.
F- 12.5 mi long run in 1:53:15 (9:04 min/mile).  I was very happy with this long run.  I actually ran most of the miles at a faster than 9 min/mile pace, but my warm-up mile and a couple miles heading uphill into the wind slowed my overall pace down to what it was.
S- 5 mi in 50:00 (10 min/mile pace).  Just need to keep reminding myself that this was a totally appropriate pace for a recovery run, especially after I did a long run AND did 1.5 hours of hard garden work.

The overall stats:
Running: 34.8 mi
Strength training: 2x
Yoga: 1x (Need to get on this one.  My calves are tight)

Stay tuned for a post on the beginning of the garden and a special back to work after vacation post about managing distractions when you work in front of a computer all day.

Edited to add: Check out the awesome mystery give-away over at Dr. TriRunner.