Monday, August 16, 2010

Week in Review - The "Dude, Where's My Garden?" Edition

Sadly, the garden has not been all it could be this year.  Last year we were raking it in, and this year- despite lots of hard work- it just hasn't turned out so well.  Broccoli = bolted.  Carrots = only grew the green part.  Tomatoes = never turned red.  We were busy last weekend, and I was not looking forward to going out to the garden and dealing with a weedy mess with no vegetables to make up for it.  Well, it was a good thing we went to church this morning because my prayers were answered!

A gigantic tree limb fell on our garden, sparing the good part, and wiping out the part that was a weedy mess!

Here's a view from the far end of the garden.  Eventually I suppose someone will move it, and we'll have sift through the wreckage left behind, but as long as there's a gigantic tree there, we don't have to deal with it!  

The pumpkin is still thriving

And we were able to harvest a few things that will be useful for dinner the next few nights.

Here's the onion and red pepper in food form.  Mmmmmm, calzone.

So have I been this lazy when it comes to working out?  I think not.  Here's the week in review:

M- Strength training
T-  8.5 mi with 3x (800,600,400,200) at 5-10k pace, yoga
W- 8 mi easy
R- 8.5 mi with 2 x 15 min tempo
F- Strength training, yoga
S- 14 mi
U- 6.5 mi, yoga

Total miles: 45.5
2x strength training
3x yoga

I can actually feel myself start to get more flexible from doing the yoga.  I just do 30 minutes at a time, but even with that I think my hamstrings and hips are loosening up.  In fact, I'm planning to watch some more of my yoga DVD to try to see what new parts I might want to incorporate so I can mix things up a bit.

This week (starting from last Saturday) is a cut back week leading up to the 1/2 marathon this weekend.  I admit to not being super pumped about my chances of doing well in this race.  I'm running slow for all my long runs and easy runs, and I'm afraid it's going to be hot.  Neither of those bode well for a PR or even a goal race pace equivalent.  But I guess we'll see how things go after a mini taper.  I always get pumped up for races, and I truthfully have no idea how I've run any of my PRs based on what I see in training.  Hopefully this one will be another unexpected surprise and not a disaster like my last two long races... or that tree in my garden.