Monday, August 9, 2010

Week in Review - The "Like Rain on Your Wedding Day" Edition

There was rain, thunder, and lightning before and after, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous for our friends' wedding yesterday.  This couple has been part of our "young married" church small group for the last year even though they weren't even engaged when they joined.  But as of yesterday they are "full members". They were brave and held the ceremony outside in the appropriately named Paradise Park outside of town.

This was the backdrop for the ceremony.

The reception was near downtown and had a great view of the capital.

That prompted many pictures

*Almost* the whole group together with the bride and groom.

Hopefully the happy couple will be on their way to New York City for their Honeymoon today and not trapped on O'Hare (ah, the fun of traveling in/out of the Midwest).

And now for something completely different: Running!
M- Strength training
T- 8.5mi with 3 x 1mi at 10k pace.  I hit the 1st and last miles at 7:50 min/mile, which is pretty close to 10k pace. The second mile was just shy of 8 min/mile but that included a steep uphill and turn around section, yoga
W- 8mi easy
R- This was supposed to be a medium long run (10-11 mi) but because I was still anxious about my knee and doing 20 over the weekend I decided to swap for 8mi with 2x15 min marathon tempo.  The first was at 8:36 pace and the second at 8:30, kind of a weird limbo between actual marathon goal pace and actual tempo pace.  Yoga.
F- Strength training, yoga.
S- 20!!! mi
U- Yoga.  I decided to take the literal lightning as a sign to take a rest day rather than trying to push myself through an easy run.

The stats:
Miles run: 44.5
Yoga: 4x (and I think it definitely has been helping my knee)
Strength: 2x  

Overall a good week.  Like I said yesterday, I still wish my long runs were faster, but I guess I'll save re-evaluating my goal marathon pace for after the half marathon.

Well, time to get going.  Have a great Monday, all!