Thursday, August 12, 2010


The neat thing about blog reading is stumbling into blog communities you had never knew existed.  A few days ago I clicked through link on ZenHabits and found myself in the world of minimalist blogs.  ZenHabits is kind of a minimalist blog, but it's about a lot more than that- productivity, breaking bad habits and making new ones, etc.  The minimalists are about the freedom of cutting back on your stuff/obligations/hobbies until you hit the minimum you need to survive, and then cutting back some more once you realize even that is too much.

Even though I plan to continue to cook, and I'm not ready to swap my actual bed for a futon mattress on the ground, I found Miss minimalist and Castles in the Air to be interesting and enjoyable reading.

A truly minimalist bedroom from Castles in the Air- not unlike a monk's cell, really, if I had any idea what that actually looked like.

While I'm not ready (and probably will never be ready) to dive into the minimalist world, I enjoyed a peek into two lives where furniture is an option and all your belongings really can fit in the back of a Honda fit.

(Credit Castles again).

Just for fun, here's our living room.  Not going to fit in the back of a Honda Fit.