Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking "meal plan" in a new direction

As is hopefully apparent from the more frequent blog posts, I feel like I'm getting back in the rhythm of normal life.  After vacation plus work travel plus going to Mississippi, it's taken almost 6 weeks to feel like I'm back in a groove of  wake up -> devotional time -> blog -> workout -> work -> yoga -> piano -> dinner -> chill time -> bed.

One of the things that has suffered more than others has been my motivation to put together (and photograph) good dinners.  I really do want to improve my cooking and especially presentation skills- because what your food looks like on the plate is almost as important as how it tastes- and I think photographing it motivates me to put more effort into that.

So here's the first food photos in a long time.  Actually Daniel made the salmon cakes, which are a little yellow because we ran out of dijon mustard and had to use, well, yellow.

The vegetable course: broccoli with a little cheese melted on top:

Salmon cakes with ketchup for dipping (yes, I'm 5).

And roasted butternut squash (one of the survivors from the garden) with cinnamon and brown sugar.
I like to eat my foods one by one, starting with the vegetable, then the protein, then the starch so I often serve myself one item at a time, leaving the others in the cooking vessel so they don't get cold.

I read a pop psychology article once that said whether you ate the best bite of something first or saved the best for last depended on your birth order.  First born kids tend to save the best for last, but kids further down in the birth order tend to take the best part first because it otherwise an older kid might get it first.

Do you have any "strategies" when you eat a meal?  Do you eat things one by one or rotate or just mix it all together?  Do you think there's anything to the birth order/ best bite theory?