Monday, August 2, 2010

Week in Review - The First Ache of Marathon Training Edition

Up to this point, I've been very lucky (actually I'm always very lucky) that I haven't had any aches and pains with marathon training, but in the last week I started to have a dull ache on the inside of my left knee.  It didn't hurt any more than any other part of me after my run yesterday, but I skipped running today as a precautionary measure and I won't run tomorrow either because it's a strength training day.  I feel a little sluggish from not working out today but I know that preventing a potential injury >> an easy 5 miler.  Plus there are lots of weeds in the garden if I feel the need to take some aggression out on anything.

So how was last week otherwise???

M- Strength and yoga
T- 8mi with 2 x (4 x 800m) 3:49 was my average 800 time
W- 8mi easy
R- 8mi with 2x15 min at marathon tempo pace.  The first was right on at 8:49 min/mile, the second was at 8:20 min/mile - more like wishful thinking marathon/ half marathon pace, yoga
F- Strength training and yoga (can you see a theme of being worried about my knee?)
S - 19 mi
U- Yoga.  Walking and weeding.

The totals were:
Run: 43 mi
Strength: 2x
Yoga: 4x

All in all not too bad.  I'm planning on running again starting Tuesday as long as my knee stays quiet.  I definitely don't want this to ruin my marathon chances.