Sunday, August 1, 2010

19 up, 19 down

So far the weather and the stars have aligned for me for all my long runs.  Yesterday was supposed to be 18- ended up being 19 because the route was longer than I thought- through the UW Arboretum.  I'd run through the Arb once before but had largely given up on it as a regular route because 1. I got a little lost, and 2. I'd run it in April when everything was still dead, and I didn't realize how beautiful it could be.

So rather than this for scenery

                                           (credit: The Arb Spring Sprint photos)

I had this

                                                  (Image credit:

Much better, I think.  In fact, I enjoyed it even better the second time through.  And thanks to Kerri who helped me navigate the part where I got lost last year- ahh, you follow the bike path over the bridge, not the bike path through the neighborhood- I stayed on track.

So 2 Arb Loops + 3.5 mi each way from our house = 19 kinda hilly miles.  The other benefit of having run through the Arb yesterday is that the course for the 1/2 marathon at the end of August runs through there, and I'll be prepared for the handful of steep little hills on the Manitou Way side.

Next week will be my first 20 miler of the training cycle, and I'll probably go back to my normal (read easier) course for that.  But the Arb loop will definitely be back as part of my regularly scheduled workout plan.

Also- in case you were wondering- my back has almost completely healed, and I had no problems with my backpack yesterday.

Continuing the theme of trying new things, we dined on enchiladas that Kerri's (friend/coworker mentioned above) sister buys in bulk from a bartender in Des Moines (I think I have that right).

About an hour in the oven and they were perfect.  They look lonely in that picture, but I can tell you they were kept company by a big salad and some chips and salsa.    

Otherwise we cleaned, grocery shopped, and watched the first three episodes of Arrested Development on Hulu.  All in all, a good but busy day.